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Final Space Shuttle Launch

I totally geeked out and watched it steaming over the web. It gave me chills thinking that it was the end of an era.

Did anyone else watch? 



Re: Final Space Shuttle Launch

  • I watched it online yesterday (not the same, of course), and I really regret not getting to see it live.  The space shuttle program is only a couple months older than I am, so even though I didn't always feel the excitement like I did watching the launches when I was a kid, it just boggles my mind that the first launch was shortly before I was born and now it's over. 
  • It is crazy to think that something we watched growing up will not be around in the same way we knew it as kids for our kids to watch. I agree that it's mind boggling to think that it's all over!
  • I'm kind of saddened by it...  I've never been that fascinated by space, nor do I feel it holds answers to the scientific issues we face on a daily basis, but I do love the idea of exploration and that there's something out there undiscovered.
  • crazy that was the end of it. Seemed like something that would never go away?
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  • I didn't watch but no doubt would have felt sad if I had. It was such a big deal as kids, ya know? And it is still a big deal... an amazing feat. I guess it's just weird to think that sometimes major scientific leaps don't equal continued progress at least not in a way that it makes sense to keep going.
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