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tomorrow brings an interesting challenge

So, I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding that takes place in 13 weeks.  I am on crutches until at least next Thursday.  We (the bride and other bridesmaids) thought the dresses needed to be ordered 8 weeks out.  NBD, I planned to go in 2 weeks and get mine.  Another bridesmaid went tonight to get her dress and they told her that because of the specific color, our dresses need 12 weeks to arrive and 1-2 weeks to be altered depending on what needs to be done. This means that tomorrow I'm going bridesmaid dress shopping on crutches.

Re: tomorrow brings an interesting challenge

  • You may think this sounds silly...and it might be, if you're shopping at a small shop.  If you're going to a decent-sized store, could you get use of a wheelchair?  It makes things so much easier in a lot of cases.
  • I am going (by myself) to David's Bridal.  I don't know if they have wheelchairs.  If I had more time, I could rent one but this has to get done tomorrow.  The front doors open out, so I'm not even sure how I'm going to get into the store.
  • Oh, that sucks.  WTF David's Bridal - haven't they heard of the ADA?  It sucks that you have to do it so soon and by yourself.  

    I'm procrastinating on getting my MOH dress for an Oct. 29th wedding.  I want to lose 10 more lbs between now and then.

  • Well, if your dress color is Oasis, I'd order soon.  This wedding is Oct 2nd and I may not even have time to get it altered.  On a happier note, I'm thinking this dress.  Yes, that's the color.




  • Would the bride be opposed to a different but similar color? I had a similar situation spring up. I wanted the bridesmaids to wear persimmon, but it takes 12 weeks for that color. That wouldn't have been enough time as my wedding's in September. So I opted for "guava" and it's only a slight difference in color, but that dress only takes 8 weeks. It's a lot less stressful than waitng 12 weeks and not knowing if you need alterations too. Just a thought, cause David's Bridal has many blue colors and a couple that look very close to Oasis.
  • Another similar color is our backup plan if I can't make it in today.  Right now it looks iffy because it's raining and I can't get my cast wet! 
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