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Well, looks like I'll be having #2 on Thursday (via c-section)

I had my appt. today and the baby is measuring 7lbs 5oz  - I know those estimates can be off, but DS was over 8lbs and I'm measuring pretty much the same. This one's head is also the same size as DS's was when he was born.

 TMI below!!!

Anyway, the reason for the c-section is I had such a bad 4th degree last time that the doctor said there is a very good chance I will tear so badly into my rectum that I will either be rectally incontinent forever or need major reconstructive surgery. Apparently I have the smallest perineum she has ever seen, lol. Bet you all cared to know that about me.

So, who wants to tell about their awesome c-sections and great recoveries? 


Re: Well, looks like I'll be having #2 on Thursday (via c-section)

  • Indifferent

    wow.. yeah.. if there were ever a time to go for a c-section. lol

  • image Tambcat:


    wow.. yeah.. if there were ever a time to go for a c-section. lol


    At the beginning of the appt. I was like, I'm open to try to labor again, don't want to just jump to a C. Then, she mentioned my rectum (I hate that word) and I'm all for the c-section now, lol. 

  • I loved my c section and I had a great recovery. Granted that was with no other kids to take care of but the baby, but my experience was great. So great that I'm having a hard time considering a vbac this time around.
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  • Exciting!!!!

    dont worry, you'll be fine!!  Yay for in tact rectums!!!! :)


    can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! :)  I

  • Awesome c-section and great recovery here.

    The surgery fast fast and easy. Dh was with me the whole time, and once DS was out Dh sat holding DS by my head. We all went into recovery together, family was allowed in immediately, and DS had no issues.

    Despite having labored before my c-section recovery was a breeze. I felt no pain in the hospital, except for the first time I stood up after the surgery (I hear that hurts with vaginal births too).  Even my first post partum poo wasn't bad. I was feeling pretty much back to normal in two weeks and never had severe pain.


  • An intact rectum is nothing to take lightly!  :)

    Good luck!

  • Intact rectum > vaginal birth. bar none.


    And I think nearly everyone who has a planned c-section has a good experience. It's the ones that come after 24 hours of horrific labor that you have to watch out for.


    Best of luck to you! 

  • Although I was disappointed to need a c-section my first time it ended up being a wonderful experience.

    No pain, no discomfort, pretty easy recovery.. and no labor!

  • Mine came 37 hours into labor (3 pushing) and was a blessed event since clearly I had failed at birthing the baby.

    Taking the baby out is fast (15 minutes), then you're still on the slab for another 45 while they stitch you up. After all, cutting is easier than putting you back together - and you want them to do that right.  I was glad the anesthesiologist told me ahead of time so I could just relax, gaze at my baby and wait. 

    My c-section recovery was not as bad as the labor recovery.  Take it slowly, take your pain meds and stool softeners, don't sit up (roll to side and then rotate up), don't expect to walk for a while, but you'll get better. It only hurts occasionally these days - usually when the baby kicks my stomach repeatedly.

  • Good luck! My friend had the same problem and had to have the major reconstructive surgery. It was not pleasant.
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  • My c-section recovery was pretty quick and awesome. I even got discharged early for healing so fast. I was out grocery shopping 3 days pp and painfree after only 2 weeks.

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  • I did not have a C-section with either of my children, but I am sure everything will go well for you. 

    Here is hoping for a safe delivery and speedy recovery - congrats!

  • Oh I would be ALL OVER that c/s after that.  damn!

    Good luck to you!!  how exciting!

    Floyd P. Bamker - can't spell
  • Thanks everyone for all the positive stories and encouragement! I'm a little nervous to have major surgery, but my rectum will thank me later. Also, I'd rather have it planned than labor forever and then need surgery anyway. 


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