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Any tips or suggestions...

for my wedding night? Things you wish you had brought with you? had done? been prepared for?

 Thanks for any wisdom or suggestions you can offer :)

Re: Any tips or suggestions...

  • Relax, and don't plan for anything. Enjoy the time with your husband.


    If you plan and hope for the stars, you may end up disappointed. 


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  • I brought a bunch of stuff and I think I only wore one outfit I brought...just relax, don't worry about planning and enjoy yourselves.  Save some of the kinky stuff for when you get home to jazz up the sex when you're back to your regular routines. Vacation sex is hot no matter what, you really don't need a lot of crazy.
  • No amount of planning needed. I brought 5 or 6 outfits and wore one in the week. We gave up sex for a month before the wedding and it did make the wedding night that much more amazing.


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  • Relax and enjoy your time together. I know someone who planned for a lot, even to "party all night" and didn't make to the party after the wedding. The bride and groom were too exhausted and went to bed.
  • Don't plan anything for your wedding night.  I brought a sexy outfit and did not even think to take it out.  DH and I decompressed, talked about the day, and one thing led to another.  Then we passed out!  

    Save planning a special time and outfits for the honeymoon and especially for when you get home.  I have found, after almost 1 year, woohoo!, that the outfits and planned special nights mean more now.  It was easy on the honeymoon! 

    Have fun! 

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  • Don't drink too much. It will make the event more memorable, and the "after party" will be far better...

  • Thanks guys! The day has finally come and gone and It was nice. I did my best to not have my hopes up for much and it was enjoyable... Except that his parents showed up to our hotel room on our wedding night...

     Ah well! Life is funny sometimes....

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