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Good morning!

I'm off to my last day of my conference, so I thought I would start this out before I left.  It has been a crazy couple of days.  The conference is all about brain science as it relates to learning, instruction, and assessment, so it is really interesting, but it has also been about 6.5 hours of sitting and listening the last two days and looks like more of the same today.  On the bright side, I'm getting a lot, and they are feeding us well Stick out tongue.  We've also had time to just hang out at the pool after and I went hiking Monday and for a run yesterday.  But I'll be glad to head home tonight...I talked to Ed yesterday afternoon and he plans to have the house picked up by the time I get home!  And then I am really, officially on vacation!  Whoo hoo!

What's everyone else got planned for the day?

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Re: Good morning!

  • Haha.  I thought I was safe posting early!  See, raynes leaves and it's just chaos Stick out tongue
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  • I'll repost here to simplify things! 

    I had another driving lesson last night, with a new instructor now since my old one left the company.  I wish I've been working with this new guy the whole time!  I am so sick of this process though, and can't wait to finally get my license.  But the test isn't scheduled until August, so still have some time to go.  

    I am so glad it's Wednesday, which means the weekend is getting closer.  We're heading to Croatia on Saturday and I definitely need the break.  I should start thinking more about the trip and make some plans for what we're doing/seeing while we're there, so I'm thinking that will be tonight's plan.  DH is back from a work trip, so I'll be happy to see him.

    Cecilia arrived 12 October 2012
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  • Sushi, I'm so jealous of your travels! I'm currently on the bus LATE for my last day of classes. I'm going to feed my grade 7s sugar and then spend the rest of the day cleaning out my office and classroom. It's sad to see the kids go, but I'm excited because I'll get to teach a lot of them next year.
  • Good morning!

    Not a very exciting day planned... just buckling down and getting things done at work. I'm off NEXT FRIDAY - holy moly! I've been super busy this week because I'm making 2 big presentations next Monday and Tuesday, but that's pretty much the last big project I have to take care of. Then for the rest of next week I'll just be tying up loose ends. So really, I'm counting down to Tuesday, which is less than a week / 4 business days away. Can't wait.

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  • Warning: I am going to be the downer today.

    Last night was horrible at my house which resulted in my going to bed after midnight. I of course was late getting started this morning, and couldn't get myself movtivated. I left my house in a mess, and I didn't get the clothes put up that I washed and dried last night. I didn't get to spend any cuddle time with Preston because we were rushing out the door. I get to work and my air is broke in my office. It is already  84 degrees in here. Please Please pray the air man comes soon, and this day gets better.


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  • good morning, today we're going into Salt Lake for the afternoon to hang out with our friends Ryan and Selena and go see the place  the Little Chocolatiers own. Then as usual we have lots of phone calls to make to get the ball rolling on some things. That's about it. 

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  • Morning, all! Nothing much going on over here at all--second-to-last day, just kind of wrapping up things here. I'm really excited. :) I think I'm being taken out to lunch today by my travel team, but I'm not sure.

    Last night was a lazy night. Didn't get myself to the gym, but did have a healthy dinner before diving into bed. I have no idea why I'm so tired, but my eyes are drooping by 8pm. Hopefully tonight will be a gym night.

    Have a great one, ladies!

  • MO * Your good news this week just totally makes my week awesome. I'm so happy for you and Sean and hope the rest of the process is smooth sailing.

    Last night we finally got to pick up the pup around 8:00. The vet closes at 7, so my mind was racing with every bad scenario possible. She had to have a bone marrow test done, since none of the other tests have shown anything wrong. Gotta love a total shot in the dark, but who knows. Some counts are up and some are still down, so we think the meds are sort of working and just need more time. Meanwhile, furbaby's brother ended up getting checked out last night for his butt issue. He apparently has an anal gland abruption ('s gross), so he's on antibiotics among other things. I think he really just felt left out, but SERIOUSLY?!

    I'm not sure how I even got out of bed this morning and made it to work. My body is just beat up. I see a nice nap in my future and praying that the house is in one piece when I get home. 

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  • Good morning. I'm glad that it's Wednesday, but I really wish it was Friday. The long weekend can't get here soon enough. Yesterday was good. I had a relaxing evening. Today I'm getting lunch with some friends. I've been looking forward to this for more than a week now. Tonight I'm planning on getting in a good workout. This will be the first one since injuring my back, but I think I'll be up to it. I also hope to get the details of the weekend finalized. My mom keeps calling me asking which days this weekend I'll be out of town so it would probably be good to have an answer for her.
  • raynesraynes member
    Morning all! I'm very much looking forward to heading home. I probably had one more glass of wine than would have been prudent last night so I'm not exactly running at 100%, but some coffee should get me there soon.

    . It's funny, I must be intimidating (or smell) because I'm sitting here at the breakfast at a table all by myself. All of the other tables have at least 4 people at them. Oh the joys of attending a nerd conference.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Good morning, ladies.

    Nothing new here - just working today.  And lunch with a friend, which will be fun.  We're planning our next camping trip (now that I've recovered from last weekend).  Crested Butte in 2 weeks - woot!  Half of the trails are still closed because the snow hasn't melted, but we will still have plenty of places to ride and hike.  Can't wait - it's my favorite trip of the year.

    Have a great day, everyone!


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  • Morning!  It's beautiful here today.  I have a couple of meetings and need to do A/P today, but it should be pretty quiet.  Nothing special planned for today.

    MO - I love the new ticker.

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  • Good morning. Not to much is happening here. I went home last night worked out, did laundry and watched some cooking shows.  I got up so ridiculously early that I was to exhausted to do anything else.

    I hope today is better. I'm not sure what I'll be doing today work wise, I just hope it goes by quickly.

  • Good Morning!

    Nothing new here, just working away. 

    I see a very long lunch walk in my near future. I am so tired, the travels this weekend really took a toll on my body. It's beautiful here today so it will be nice to get out.  

    Tonight, we are going to run to the grocery store after work and then I am going to get some more things done around the house.  

    Last night, I watched my nieces and got a little bit of laundry done. Hopefully I can be a little more productive this evening.

    Have a great day ladies. 

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  • Crystal - ::Hugs:: Hope your day get better!

    Good morning! Another busy day at work, we're sponsoring a few charity golf tournaments this summer and I need to get all the details put together and order so swag for them.

    Tonight we're going to a BBQ at J's friends house. A few of his friends are in town for the holiday weekend that he hasn't seen in a few years. It should be fun, but I'm hoping it's not too late of a night since we have to work tomorrow.

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  • Crystal, what happened?  Is everything ok?

    I'm a downer too today.  I worked late last night, but I finally feel like I'm getting to the point where I am actually caught up.  Now I just need to keep up the pace and make it through the end of the month.

    Unfortunately, I spent most of my morning thinking today was Thursday, only to realize, nope, it's Wednesday.  On a good note, my department has finally decided to hire a paralegal for our group.  Once we do, I can delegate some of my work, and hopefully return to having a normal fun life.  :)

    PS, thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday on facebook.  I finally signed on yesterday for the first time in awhile.

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  • Today was a typical work day.  I was stuck with a 2nd year student for a few hours and she doesn't seem motivated at all which is irritating.

    I got up early to go for a run before work.  Since I had done 10 miles on Monday and then speedwork yesterday, I was feeling pretty rough by managed to eek out 6 miles.  There is this one little kid (probably in K) who gets so excited when I run by and he waves so I wished him a great summer since today was his last day.

    DH had to move his car so I could I leave for work and I locked the door behind me (for some dumb reason) and when he went to get back in, he realized what happened and he only had his spare car keys and no house key.  Oops.  He had to drive to my Dad's to get the spare key.

    Dh is at their graduation tonight so it's just nest catching up tonight for me.

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