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The Voice anyone?

Is anyone watching this show? I've only been watching for the past few weeks, but I really love it for some reason!  I love, love, love Beverly.  :)

Also, I think Christina sounds like crap lately.  What the heck is up with her voice?  I always tolerated her relentless, shameless oversinging when she sounded good, but I'm not impressed right now.

Oh, and I adore Cee-Lo.  Big pink puffy hearts.

And on an unrelated note, I'm ready to go out on my porch and scream at people lighting fireworks.  I know they're legal now, but WTF. I guess I'm old. 

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Re: The Voice anyone?

  • I am right with you on all accounts! Love The Voice! I also love Blake Shelton and I think Christina not only sounds crappy lately, she looks like a hot mess! I can't believe she has a make-up artist and stylist and looks like that! LOL! But I do love Beverly..haven't watched the show regularly but I like what I have seen.

    As for the fireworks, Last night my DD went to bed in her big girl bed for the first time,and then the fireworks went off. Grrrrr....

  • asf619asf619 member
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    I agree with you about the contestants. I think Beverly was the only one who gave two truly solid performances last night. While I agree that Christina's voice hasn't been up to par, the duet with Beverly was beautiful and their voices sounded incredible together. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Christina kept it subdued rather than attempting to oversing.

    The others suffered from some poor song choices (Dia/Blake), or their coach's voice not quite blending with theirs on the duet (Javier/Adam), or too much showmanship and distractions with the dancers (Vicci/Cee-Lo).

    And, am I the only one who thought Cee-Lo's costume for the duet with Vicci made him look like King Koopa from the Mario Bros. video games? 

  • AmyRIAmyRI member
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    I haven't seen it in a long time... but I watched the first couple of episodes. I really liked the concept! And how different the judges are from each other made it fun to watch.

    Christina totally looked worse than she sounded, and she didn't sound great. And I totally agree about Cee-Lo! Such a personality on that guy. Can't help but smile. 

    The fireworks in our neighborhood are out of control, too. They were bad enough when you couldn't buy them on every street corner... Not looking forward to this weekend. 

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  • I love that show and have no comments to add about that but I completely agree about the fireworks.  10:00 is way too late for them to be going off.  It happened in my neighborhood too. 

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