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My lol for the comment


Been having ongoing issues for years with my mom and her lack of sense when it comes to what she says.  I never tell her anything unless I want it broadcasted.

She has a friend that she constantly talks about, complains about, gossips about, etc etc.  I have told her many many times that I'm not interested in friend's business, don't need to hear about her business, and don't want to hear about her business.  She tells me anyway.

She sent me a special email because she forgot to tell me earlier that friend misplaced a decimal while paying a bill online, and she messed up her checking account with a huge overdraft.  I replied that I didn't need to know this, and that I'm sure her friend wouldn't appreciate her telling others what she did.  Mom replied with "no comment."  WTF is that?  I guess she couldn't defend the gossiping, so no comment?



Re: My lol for the comment

  • No comment. LOL 

    Funny 'cause that's like my mom too. She has two nice good friends, that has been good to her at several times (mom has major mental issues, negativity, bipolar, hysterical, etc), but she's always trying to tell me about their business. I used to tell her ''Mom, I don't wanna know about it"... it never worked. Now I just walk away when she starts.


    For your mom's reply, she doesn't know what to tell you to get YOU into this gossiping thing. Maybe this ''no comment'' meant ... ''no comment, you never get along with me! but she really did this, bla bla bla!"  

    Sad how some people can like this kind of thing huh? 

  • She probably thinks you're uptight and enjoys watching you squirm at what she considers to be "normal, everyday conversation."  This happened to us, here's what solved it in about a year:  no reply to emails, at all, ever.  This includes facebook, etc.  Because no emergency ever gets communicated over email.  And no life-changing event gets communicated over facebook.  So no email/social networking as means of communicating with family members.  Phone calls/texts = ok.  Phone calls, if it comes up, try this: "Mm-Hmm, well I wish I could stay and talk longer but I need to get going"  if she prolongs the conversation/asks where, end with "I'm sorry, I need to go, but we'll talk soon.  Bye, love you, "...  And texts-- if it's appropriate, answer, if it's inappropriate, don't.  This cleared 90% of it up in about 3 months, and by a year of consistently applying these tactics, I'm beginning to enjoy talking to my mom again.

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