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Is it Normal....

To not have a period after going off BC?  I was on BC for 6 years and stop taking it last month.  I usually get my period the second Sunday of every month, but it has not come as of yet for the month.  Just wondering if this should be expected...TIA


Re: Is it Normal....

  • I just went off too, I was told it could be a little irregular for the first couple months.

    Are you using another form of protection? Could you be pregnant?  Because you're 2 weeks late, and that seems a little much I'd probably do a test to make sure you're not pregnant and then check with a doctor to make sure everything is good to go.

    EDIT: found an article: 

  • Yes, this is very normal. Some women don't get their period for months after going off BCP. If you hit 60 days without AF or a BFP, call your doctor. Two weeks is not excessive when it comes to your body regulating.
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  • When I went off BCP, my first two cycles were 40--42 days long; the third cycle snapped back to my pre-pill 28-day cycle (and the fourth cycle I was pregnant).

    Take pregnancy tests (for your own peace of mind). Your body's probably just getting back to normal, but there's always a chance that you could be pregnant if you're late.

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  • I was on BC til last month and my period came like 2 weeks later, but for peace of my and FI's mind, I got a pregnancy test. I did find out that I had 2 other problems going to the doctor (mostly because of a previous problem, while I was still on BC).


    You should see a doctor if in one more week your period doesn't come. 

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