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AW... Happy 21st to me..

DH called in today. I started cleaning the house, so he helped. I went to the pool for an hour so he went out and bought me flowers and a candle for my birthday... and confessed that he didn't plan anything... this is such a bummer. Hope you ladies had a great weekend! Happy Monday!
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Re: AW... Happy 21st to me..

  • Happy Birthday! 

  • Happy Birthday!

    Maybe he's got something up his sleeve for tonight?  If not, maybe you can pick out a restaurant and let him know he's taking you out Saturday lol!

  • Happy Birthday!  That stinks that he didn't plan anything... but my DH is not a planner either, so I completely understand!  Enjoy your flowers and card, and that you got to spend a day with him :)
  • Happy birthday! Like angie, my DH is also not a planner, so I understand how you feel. I just have to make my own plans for my birthdays and tell him what time and where.
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  • I wouldn't have been so upset if my family and friends didn't show him up. FOr his birthday, I cooked him his favorite dinner and had a customized jersey made for him (almost $100).... and he got me flowers and a candle... while I'm very grateful, he hadn't even planned that... it just so happened that we needed to pick up animal food and I wanted to go to the pool and he wouldn't let me grab it on the way back haha. He didn't even try to ask if I wanted to go to dinner or anything. My friend came by early in the morning to guarantee I got my present from her and she wanted to get me a cabana at the pool she works at. My parents also got me a gift card for a prenatal massage ($100) and my brother and his gf got me a gift card to teavana ($25), my ex-stepmom is even bringing me out to lunch... it was kinda a bummer because he's usually not like this and he knew I was excited about my 21st to even play bingo or something... he just wanted to sit at home all day. I doubt he stayed home all day on his 21st... and I'm pregnant... it's not like he could take me out drinking, but even a casual dinner would have been nice. he's in my doghouse right now because he really should know better than to forgot things like that... I know some guys just aren't planners, but he could have at least tried to make it up to me after admitting he didn't plan anything.
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  • Happy birthday! I hope you can get out and celebrate a little more at some point. :)
  • Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!
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