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I want to cry...

groundhogs destroyed our veggie garden last night.  It was doing so well and now all the leaves have been eaten off the plants and our sunflowers have been completely snapped off.  DD was so excited because there were three pea pods on our pea plant and she has been checking on them every day, waiting to harvest them and now, nothing.  :(  It's so depressing!
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Re: I want to cry...

  • I'm sorry.  I know how you feel but for me it's voles destroying our flower garden that i worked so hard to plant last year (almost 200 plants!).  I'd be even sadder if I had a kid who was excited about it. 

    Is it too late to plant more veggies?

    Tired after a long morning of hiking and swimming.
  • I'm hoping that I can revive a few- the groundhogs ate the leaves off everything but left the stems.  A few still have little leaves so I'm going to cut them back and keep my fingers crossed.  I may throw a few more seeds in too after my DD goes to bed.
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  • Oh no!  I'm so sorry, that really stinks!  Hopefully the plants will recover.  You can always replant some quick-growing greens, like arugula, chard or kale.  There's still plenty of time in the season for those.  Green beans also grow quickly.
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  • Buy some Shake-Away. It's an all natural, organic, poison free repellent for groundhogs. You may as well. No sense trying to revive them if they will just come and eat them again.
  • :( That really sucks. I had to take out a squash plant recently that had a bunch of worms in it... I am hoping that is the end of it, but I have a feeling the rest of them are goners, too.

    I hope you can save some of them, at least for DD. :) 

  • =(  That stinks.  I hope you can revive some things
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