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Happy-maker.  I totally just made that word up.  But what I mean is, when you're grouchy or had a bad day, what can you always do to get back in a good mood?  Besides DH-related things, because mine can really cheer me up, but he's still out of town.

I've been feeling very emotionally volatile lately, and I know that it's because of work being crappy/missing DH/AF coming soon, but my usual pick-me-ups just aren't working for me lately.  I don't even feel like going shopping lately!  So, what do you do to cheer up?

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  • I have those times where shopping doesn't pick me up at all. It sucks. What I usually do when that happens is get moving. I'll go for a hike or for a nice run by the river. It just helps me clear my mind. If the weather is crappy, I'll just sit at home and make something, whether that's baking, sewing or scrapbooking.

    If all else fails, I'll call my sister up and go see my nieces.

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  • I don't really know! I need suggestions, too! I've been feeling pretty "poopy" lately, I could use some pick-me-ups.

    I thought about maybe getting a manicure or something. I like Scarlett's idea of being outside, that's always helpful. 

  • Mr Peefs

     He is my Happy. I couldn't love a creature more.

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  • I go play with my goofy dog outside or cuddle with the cat.  I think pets do wonders for you when you're down.  If you don't own (or can't own) any of your own, maybe think about volunteering at a local shelter.  It would be a win-win for both you and the shelter animals who would love walks and some more human companionship.
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  • Knitting!  Shopping!  Calling my snarky BFF and having a bitchfest and then laughing ourselves crazy.  Cooking something delicious.  Reading an awesome book (I highly recommend The Memory Keeper's Daughter if you're a reader).  Cuddling a cat or dog.  Watching trashy TV.




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  • Hmmm...I immediately thought of Ben and Jerrys lol.  Tanning also makes me happy from time to time...I think it goes hand in hand with the whole seasonal depression type thing.  (I know not very healthy)

    I work from home so I'm not out and about as often as most, I also dont wear makeup on a daily basis so sometimes when I'm feeling "blah" I just need to put myself together, put on a cute outfit, do my hair and put on some makeup and that helps A LOT.

    I also agree with getting out - go outside in the sunshine, or call up some family or friends and go do something, anything.  Sometimes just being social helps.

    And last but certainly not least - treat yourself to something, a mani/pedi, facial, hair cut, just something  for you that makes you feel good.

    Oh and Trashy TV is awesome - good call Bay!

    Good Luck and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon :)

  • Otters make me happy:

    Exercise, going outside, and having projects all help me feel better.  I really like Miss Butters idea about volunteering at an animal shelter.  I used to do that, and it is very fulfiling.  I also agree with Linds about beauty treatments and putting yoursef together.  It can really help to feel you're taking care of yourself.

  • image temurlang:

    Otters make me happy:

    Exercise, going outside, and having projects all help me feel better.  I really like Miss Butters idea about volunteering at an animal shelter.  I used to do that, and it is very fulfiling.  I also agree with Linds about beauty treatments and putting yoursef together.  It can really help to feel you're taking care of yourself.

    That reminds me of the sea lions that gather on the Pier in San Fran. I loved watching them. I swear if I lived there, I would go there just to sit and watch them. But sadly, there aren't as many there anymore I heard? 

  • Marine mammals are all entertaining!  We have at least 6 types of seals here, plus otters.  I used to work at the Marine Mammal Center, which is a research and rehabilitation center for sick or injured animals, and they are so endearing and playful.

    It's true that for some reason the sea lions don't seem to like that particular pier any more.  However, they can be found lounging on many docks and jetties in the area.  DH always asks what they "do in the wild" and I have explained to him that those are wild, they just like lounging near humans!  We went to Russian River (a little north of here) for the long weekend and there were sea lions everywhere.

  • My dogs!  If I'm not feeling well or just having a bad day it's like they know it and cheer me up.
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  • Cleaning, bubble baths, chocolate, exercise, reading, and sunbathing by the pool in the summer all come to mind...
  • the stupidest thing that makes me laugh... Americas Funniest Home Videos

    LOL Seriously though I once got in a fight with a bf and this was on tv when I sat on the couch to be pissed, I couldn't even stay mad because I kept laughing.

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  • I agree with getting some sunshine or treating yourself to something... a massage, a facial, a mani, something that will make you feel pretty and put together.

    Also, baking or working on a project (that is not super stressful) helps. I like to feel productive and the worst is when I lay around and feel bad (which I do plenty of lol). A glass of wine with friends is great too... people who can make me laugh and relax me or listen to me blow of steam. 

    I hope you feel better soon. I've had some ups and downs lately too.

  • Thanks everybody.  I'm feeling better now... had some QT with my sis, and that helped a lot.  I also talked to my manager pretty in depth about my concerns about my workload (aka, cried, but whatever), and I feel a lot better about work.  (Side note:  I hate being a crier at work!)

    The otter video was too cute... just chilling, holding hands, and the one looks over at the other - "are you awake?  nope, then I'm going back to sleep too!"  heehee

    Bay, is that book a sad one?  I try to avoid sad books - I used to read them a lot, but I try to avoid things I know will make me cry.

    Also, I just made chicken salad for the first time ever.  I'd already eaten dinner, but have been wanted to try it... and I was too chicken (haha) to taste-test it!  So I stuck it in the fridge, and I'll have it for lunch tomorrow.  I feel pretty accomplished - I even modified it a little bit.  I am NOT a cook, that's for sure, so this is a big thing for me.  It'll be even bigger if it's actually good!

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