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Confusing Dr. appointment...(long, sorry)

So i got my BFP on Sunday, did another test today just to be sure and headed to the hospital this morning.  I am 5 weeks (by just using my last period date).  They didn't do the blood test I was expecting but they did do a sonogram.  The tech told me that she could see a very small sac but the doctor later said that they couldn't find the sac, not to worry as this was common this early on, and to come back in 2 weeks...

My big worry is that it is etopic (I read too much and have been scared about this before I even got my BFP).  I went to the hospital thinking that I would leave today knowing if it was/wasn't and then I could just relax about I am more worried.  

I know it is really early...maybe I shouldn't have gone so soon.  I have some cramping(like I am going to get my period)  and sometimes twinges around my belly button.  I have read that this is all pretty normal but I am really hoping that some people can just reassure me that it is normal.  I did tell the doctor that I was having these feelings and he didn't seem too worried.  

I guess I am just freaking out a little cause this is my first BFP ever and the slight language barrier might have prevented me from asking more questions (although I do have a tendency to freeze up in dr. appointments even at home).  Any suggestions, advice, reassurance, would be much appriciated.

p.s. and to everyone who gave me great advice in my previous post about my lack of a social life, thanks!!  And I think I now know why I was feeling so over sensitive about the issue! 

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Re: Confusing Dr. appointment...(long, sorry)

  • advice:  relax.  I found it was really helpful to carry a small journal with me at all times and any time I had a question I would write it down so I would remember it by my next visit.  

    Also at 5 weeks they wouldn't see much in there, maybe a gestational sac and a fetal pole.  Also, most dr's in the US at least don't even do an ultrasound that early because you can't see much.  

    I didn't have a blood test at my office, so that's not too weird.  

    Finally, today you are pregnant, congratulations!  

    Oh, and thebump boards are a great resource too (sometimes).   

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  • Do not worry.  Just eat well, get as much rest as you need and see him in a couple of weeks.  Then they will do the whole work up.  I am suppose to go this week and get it all done, blood, pap and another sonogram.  I'll tell you what happens.  The bump boards are a good resource, but crazy too.  There is much on the web.  Type in your question and you will get an answer, but stay away from ectopic subjects, if it just feeds the worry.  I am 37 and I stay the hell away from stats of pregnancies over 35 as it just adds to the worry. Oh, and worry is now part of your life.  It happens with pregnancy and motherhood.

     The cramping is also normal.  And congrats!!  That was super easy to concieve!!

  • Thanks guys!!  I already am feeling a bit more relaxed.  

    Titicole--I did see that you were expecting again but a long time after you made the post.  Congratulations!!  And yeah, it was super fast...I think my husband is still in shock.  I'd love to hear how your appointment goes!!  This is my first pregnancy, and doing it in Korea will make it a little more stressful than at home.  I am working on my Korean so that should help a small bit.   

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  • I thought I heard that a sac couldn't be seen until at least 6 weeks but I could be wrong about that.  Here in the UK, they wont even see you until you're at least 8 weeks a long (talk about being nervous and freaking out about everything until then lol) and they don't do your first scan until between 10-14 weeks.

    As pp suggested just relax!  The period like cramps are completely normal, I had them with both pg's.  In fact, I just had some the other day.  Just rest when you can, if nausea has kicked in, eat whatever you can stomach and again, try to relax.  Unless you start severely cramping and bleeding red blood then there is nothing to worry about.  If you get a bit of pink or even brown, that's OK.  But, if it's red, go to the ER.

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  • Relax, don't worry about it as your symptoms and worries are totally normal. My doctor told me an ectopic pregnancy would be cramps way more severe than normal period pain. 

    Read, but don't ready too much as you will just make yourself worry. Easier said then done I know. 

    Congratulations and enjoy this time! 

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  • 5 weeks is really really early.  As hard as it is and as much as I should follow my own advice sometimes, take a deep breath and relax.  Today you are pregnant!!

    Those cramps are totally normal.  Think about what is happening down have a tiny baby in your uterus that needs some room to grow!  I had them too and as long as they aren't extremely painful with bleeding then you should be okay.

    I agree that you should write down your questions before your next appt and don't ever feel stupid to ask them.  This is so new to you and your baby's health comes first!

    Congratulations and H&H 9 months to you!!

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