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Aagh - what to do what to do?

So DH and I are TTC and this month will be out fourth attempt.  Last month I was 3 days late and DH was certain I was pg - he was over the moon.  I kinda felt like I was not but thought maybe.  We POAS and got a BFN - Dh was shocked as he really believed we were just doing the test to confirm and he had already proposed baby names and planned out the nursery lol.

So this month he is determined.  He has been making huge efforts to be home more over the past few days (most fertile per :).  Anyhow today is my estimated most fertile day.  This mornning DH was wide awake at 7am and he is already texting me about this eve / night.  

I just got an email from one of my bff's, her bf broke up with her.  She is completely devastated.  She was for sure he was the one and that THEY were in love.  Well apparently he does not feel the same.  He told her out of the blue on Sunday and moved out.  He is collecting the rest of his stuff today.  She is heartbroken so I told her I will meet her straight after work this eve.

I would love to just be there for her and let her cry all night if need be.  I hate the thought of having to cut her off so I can run home to have sexytime.   

Any suggestions on how I juggle her and DH needs / wants today? Also my own, I know I will be disappointed if I am not pg this month.  You have to give it your best shot right?

Also my other bff is pg and she is emailing me about baby stuff.  I am already feeling worn out between being so happy for her, so sad for my other friend and excited in my replies to DH.

I feel like switching my phone off and not replying to any emails. 




Re: Aagh - what to do what to do?

  • Any chance for a nooner with your husband?
  • image haisy:
    Any chance for a nooner with your husband?

    No we are working about an hour away from each other.

    My brother just text me asking if he could call out this eveas he needs my help on two projects.  Isaid no sorry I am super busy this eve. He replied that it will only take 5 mins.  I again say no that I am being pulled in alldirections and that bffs bf broke up with her and she is devastated. 

     His reply...  aw sorrysis why don?t you go do what you need to do and I will meet up with bff andhelp her get over him!  I replied ?pig?.

  • Go and be w/ your friend, but I think it's also reasonable to have to leave at a certain point.  You CAN do both.


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  • So, if you don't make it back home and don't end up pregnant this cycle, is your husband going to resent you?
  • image wingedbride:
    So, if you don't make it back home and don't end up pregnant this cycle, is your husband going to resent you?

    lol.  No more than I am going to resent him if I do make it home and still don't end up pregnant! 

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    When I got pregnant (I've been pregnant 3 times) sex every other day in the window was fine. I got pregnant in 1 or 2 cycles all 3 times. If you had sex last night and can have sex again tomorrow it should be fine.

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  • Meet your friend someplace public for a drink and let her know that you're sorry you can only stay until 8:00 (or whatever) and then make plans to see her again over the weekend.

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