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Poll: Do you wear shorts?

I am not talking about when you are at the beach or gym. Do you wear shorts like to run errands, go to the movies, or a grab a cup of coffee?

 I havent since high school so I was just wondering if I am normal or not.

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Re: Poll: Do you wear shorts?

  • I do. I don't really have the legs for them, but if it's hot out there is no way that I'm putting jeans on.

    I like skirts too, but my aforementioned legs get chub rub if I wear them too long. 


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  • Yes, often. I used to not wear them, but now I do.
  • I don't wear shorts only because I can't seem to find any I like. They are always either too short (as in butt cheeks showing) or too long (is society telling us older women should not be showing any leg at all??).
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  • I haven't in years.  I don't know why I stopped wearing them, but I much prefer to wear longer pants/jeans or skirts in the summer.  Even when we travel somewhere hot, I avoid wearing shorts out and around.
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  • I hate my legs (thighs anyway) and avoid wearing shorts unless it's stiflingly hot. I tend to wear lots of sun dresses (the H&M variety) though. 
  • I wear shorts often. I have never considered stopping.
  • I'd love to wear shorts but I think I'm too short (ha!). Seriously now, I'm not sure they look good on me if I wear them with flip-flops so I stick to skirts.
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  • I do, but as I get older they tend to be longer (like just slightly above the knee).
  • I wasnt thinking about age, I just see that here nobody wears shorts. (Well they started to become popular like two years ago)
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  • not so much anymore. I wear capri style pants though. All of the shorts seem too short and I have longish legs so I feel half naked. Not to mention there have only been a handful of days where shorts have been appropriate here
  • No, no, and no. I am such a pear and my large thighs and butt do not like shorts.

    I do wear capri's and dresses in the the summer though but nothing too short.

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  • I was super anti shorts until I moved to Israel.  Even there though I tended toward skirts and dresses because shorts were too tight of a material for the heat.

    I just bought a pair of shorts today though.  It was so hot out that I wore then to the dog park and am siting in them now. 

  • I don't but my primary reason is I'm extremly pale so I don't want to blind people plus in Seattle where I lived before moving it was rarely warm enough for them anyways. I love capri pants for a warm day but again that's just me. Even when I go home to visit my family in Idaho I don't but again my pale legs are my main reason, I just don't tan no matter how much I'm in the sun and I hate sticking out.
  • Yep. I live in the desert and it?s way too hot not to wear them. Even though the culture here is that most people wear pants. I just don?t understand it. I don?t like being sweaty and uncomfortable, so I don?t mind the extra looks I get for wearing shorts.
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  • Yes, unless I have a long skirt on I am bad at keeping my legs in a ladylike position, so shorts are useful for active days.
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  • I do! I wear both bermuda length and short shorts (upper to mid thigh) NOT the booty shorts! HA!

    I haven't worm them out of the house yet this year, I've been living in summer dresses though.

  • No.  I don't even own any.  I look awful in  them and I hate having my legs stick to chairs, etc.  If it's wicked hot I'll wear lightweight capris, that's as close as I'll get to shorts.
  • image dulcemariamar1:
    I wasnt thinking about age, I just see that here nobody wears shorts. (Well they started to become popular like two years ago)

    I went to Spain in high school for a few weeks and our teacher specifically told the girls not to wear shorts and said that if we did we would get lots of "unwanted attention" because they were not worn there at all.

  • I love shorts.  I wear them when it's warm out and when we do on holiday.  I finally found two pairs that really looks good on me.  And I do think my legs are my better asset, so when I can I show them off.  Plus DH loves it when I wear shorts.  I also wear skirts and dresses a lot too.
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  • Not in public. I really hate wearing shorts. When I was in my teens and had the body for it, sure. Now that my thighs and bum are huge, no way. If it's too hot for jeans, I wear yoga pants or a loose cotton dress.

    The only time I wear shorts is when I'm working out at home with the curtains closed, or if I'm cleaning the bathroom/kitchen.

  • I do but I much prefer wearing jeans. But it's so freaking hot in Zurich. If I get stuck on one of the older buses or trams I will melt. Some of commuter trains are even worse because there is not even windows to open.

    I'm in a desperate need to shop for shorts. I have one pair here and seriously this pair is like 6 years old. But they are a basic light khaki that aren't booty shorts. I'm really hoping i can find a new pair at H&M soon.

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  • NannerNanner member

    I wear them.  With the hot weather here, though, dresses are more comfortable, so I wear dresses more often.  But I do wear them.

    Interesting that you brought this up.  I just read an article the other day (can't remember where) about how women over 40 shouldn't wear shorts.  Sorry, but if I want to wear shorts, I'll wear shorts.  I don't care about your delicate sensitivities to my not-perfect muscle tone and skin elasticity.

  • I'm wearing them right now.  

    I'm trying to get all of the use out of them that I can because they're going to be packed away when we leave for KSA.  Sad. 

  • I didn't wear them for a looooooong time, but I bought a pair at H&M Saturday and I wore them yesterday.  In public.

    I hated my thighs for a long  time, but I'm in the best shape I've been in and am feeling a lot better about that.  But no "short" shorts.  I prefer skirts and dresses and pants. 


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  • No. I wouldn't be seen dead in shorts outside of a sporting event.
  • When I'm in Florida visiting family I wear them. They fit in Florida, not so much in London where it's rarely warm enough. I do have a pair of knee-length jean shorts that I'll occasionally wear biking or hiking.
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  • Yes, I wear the bermuda shorts (they come to my knee) as I am plus sized and no one wants to see my big thighs
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  • I'm sure I look awful in them but I wear them.
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  • No.  My 40-something year old legs can't do it any longer - too many blue veracose veins from playing lots of a bit too heavy right now.  Love my skirts in the summer and I might wear longer bermuda shorts this year.
  • I wear bermuda length shorts, they don't ride up on me when my legs rub and they cover the offending "fat" part of my legs. 
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