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Do you think your parents had a favorite?

I was always curious about this. Do you think that your parents had a favorite kid? Mine always said no and if they did it was hard to tell.

Anybody here with two or more kids, care to share their experience? I am sure you must go through periods where you like being around one more than then the other.



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Re: Do you think your parents had a favorite?

  • My dad has had 7 kids from 3 different women, so I'm just going to stick to me and my full brother.

    My brother is my mom's fave; I am my dad's fave. 

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  • My parents always said no, but I am the closest with my mom. It might be just that I was the youngest by 7 years and the only girl and I am incredibly close to my mom. 
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  • Definitely. My parents favored my younger brother over my older brother and I. He could have gotten away with murder and nobody would have batted an eye.

    Now I'm my dad's favorite, since I'm the only girl. My mom and I have a closer relationship now that I'm an adult. We never really communicated much when I was young.

  • Nope.  I truly believe they love my sisters and me the same.  However, I am closest with my mom, my sister closest in age is closest to my dad, and my oldest sister is so much older it never impacted our relationships with our parents (she's 10 years older than me).  I do have a half-brother that has been a real screw up (really, the stories are not pretty) and I know my parents (especially my dad who is his step-dad) are thankful us girls seem to have better heads on our shoulders and yes, they surely prefer us to him.

    So I guess my answer is they didn't play favorites with us growing up, but after giving my brother so many chances and him just completely falling short of expectations they ended up considering all us girls their it's more of a my brother being shunned (kind of) than my parents choosing one favorite.

    No idea if that makes sense! 

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  • NannerNanner member

    I think my sister was my mom's favorite.  My mom and I butted heads a lot.  She and my sister, however, didn't fight much.  And even when they did, she would always apologize to my sister.  Never to me.  I know she loved me, but we just had a different kind of relationship.  My dad--I don't think he favored one of us over the other.

    I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl.  I wouldn't call it "favorites," but I have a certain bond with my son because he was my first.  He's also one who demands attention, so I know my daughter gets the short end of the stick sometimes.  But she is awesome in her own right, and we are forging that mother-daughter relationship as she gets older. 

  • I honestly don't think they did or do.  But, if you ask my younger sister, apparently my baby brother and I were the favorites.  Shyeah, ok lol.
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  • Since I am my dad's only child, I would hope I was his favorite!

    My mom always says she has completely different relationships with my brother and me and she could never compare the two.  I honestly believe that is true for her.  I am more of friends with my mom and have been since I moved out of the house.  My brother is and always will be her "baby".

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  • My sister was my mom's favorite and I was my dad's. 

    My sister was planned but I was a mistake.  My mom has often told me that she never wanted kids at all and was forced to get married when she got pregnant with me.  I think I just reminded her of too many bad memories.

  • I was sort of my dad's favorite, but he wasn't too showy with it. I remember from an early age knowing that i was the fave. My mom on the other hand favored my little brother like crazy. In  fact, I partially blame her favoritism for making him into the little underachiever he is now a 23yrs old. Had she ever forced him to do something for himself he might actually be a little more motivated in life right now.
  • I'm the oldest of 3 and we're all 5 years apart so it made it very nice for my mom (single parent) to form a strong bond with each of us.

    I think my mom and I have a very special relationship because I was the oldest and very mature for my age so we were more like best friends than she was an authority figure when I was younger...

    My brother and sister aren't as mature at their ages but they're great kids (my sister just turned 15) and they've each had their own time with my mom as well.

    My dad told my little brother once that he only wanted one child and that the reason he left my mom was because she wouldn't abort him. Add that to the list of PRICK things he's done over the years. Father of the year for sure. A**.

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  • PubliusPublius member
    Yes they did.  It was me.  
  • I don't think my parents loved us any less but in someways I think they had favorites. My mom and I are close now but growing up even at a young age we butted heads all the time and I remember enjoying time with my dad more. My dad and I just got along better.

    My brother was the opposite and had a hard time with our dad, so I think in some ways my brother was my moms favorite and I was my dads.

  • They always claimed (with a strong strong passion) that they didn't have a favorite, but I know better. I'm my dad's favorite, if only because I'm not a screw up, finished school, have a good job, nice house, nice partner who he loves and my brother has none of the above.

    My brother is my mom's favorite for the exact opposite reason. My mom loves loves loves the screw-ups of this world and if you're not a screw up, you're probably a dishonest person. She doesn't seem to realize that by stating that she calls me a dishonest/evil/mean/whatchamacallit person, which has severely strained our relationship.

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  • I've been less difficult to deal with so I know I get favored more. When we were spoiled my parents would usually do it equally but I think I always ended u in the better position.
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  • I was my dad's favorite. My brother was my mom's favorite (1st born and a son) and my sister was also my mom's favorite (little baby). Now you can't tell anymore.
  • Growing up, I was closer to my dad and my sister was closer to my mom, but it had more to do with our personalities than them having a favorite. I got a lot closer to my mom as I've gotten older, and my dad has only recently realized that my sister is a lot more intelligent than he gives her credit for--and that some of the stuff that we discuss together (politics, how to cover news, world events) are things that she has opinions on too. On the other hand, he always enjoyed watching her sports more because she achieved a higher level than me--playing in college on scholarship.

    Now, my ILs definitely favor the SIL over DH to an often hurtful degree. They have historically given her much more financial support and have always seemed to view her career choice (music) as a 'real' career and my DH's (techie) as 'play.' They also talk with her much more frequently than my DH, although he shares fault in that one. It's really hard to watch them try to justify the blatant favoritism too, which they've tried to do in front of me. I always leave the room. 

  • My parents didn't really have a favorite. I have noticed though that they have differed quite a bit in the way they raised us, but that is mostly because there's an almost 15 year difference between the oldest and the youngest (there are 6 of us). Now, I'm the closest with my mom but just because we have very similar personalities not because I was her favorite (in fact, when I was younger we couldn't stand each other hehehe).
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  • I have two older brothers that got into a lot of trouble. In comparison, I was a goody-goody, plus the youngest and only girl. I really didn't do much "bad" stuff, but what I did do, they never even noticed because they couldn't imagine I would do it. So I guess that makes me the favorite? except they really HATE that I live abroad!
  • To the second part, yes, there are times I'd rather be around one than the other, but mostly, they are so different and so wonderful. And most of those "you're annoying me" moments are age-related. Of course when Bean throws a tantrum, Bug looks pretty good in comparison, but I know her day will come.
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