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How do you wash your fruits and veggies?

After seeing the post about the cucumbers, it got me thinking. How do you wash your fruits and veggies. Like green peppers and strawberries? Do you rinse or let them soak in water?
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Re: How do you wash your fruits and veggies?

  • I'm sure this will not be a popular response, but I don't. Unless I see dirt on it, I don't wash it. 

    I'm ok so far (<--famous last words). 


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  • I just rinse most things. My MIL washes watermelons with soap and water before cutting it open. Isnt that a bit much?
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  • I'm like Meggers, I don't always wash veggies (unless I see dirt) if I am going to cook them or peel them. I'll rinse my fruit and veggies if I'm going to eat them fresh.
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  • I rinse them.
  • imagedulcemariamar1:
    I just rinse most things. My MIL washes watermelons with soap and water before cutting it open. Isnt that a bit much?

    My MIL does this, too. I do it sometimes. But when I do, I make sure to rinse off all the soup, unlike MIL. She's ruined entire perfectly good pieces of fruit by not rinsing off the soap before cutting. So sad.

  • For fruits/vegetables that I am not going to peel, I use a fruit and vegetable spray made of white vinegar and water.  If I peel them, I rinse them in cold water after peeling.
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  • I just rinse them or don't wash them at all (when it states that it's been washed on the packaging or so), unless I see lots of stuck on dirt, then I scrub that off.

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  • I rinse them off in water, whether I'm cooking them or not. Sometimes I also use lime juice on them if I'm concerned about pesticides (but obviously avoiding these sorts of foods is preferred).
  • Question to the 'rinsers', if you buy pre-packaged salads do you rinse them too? 
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  • I always used to just rinse.  Now that I'm pregnant, I am much stricter about washing my fruits / veggies, especially since the news of virus outbreak here.  I soak them, and then move my hand around like an "aggitator," in a washing machine.  I repeat two or three times with fresh water.  Then, I rinse them off.

    I don't buy the pre-packaged veggies.  But, there was a news report here recently, about a month ago, about how the pre-packaged veggies are bacteria breeding grounds.  They urged all people to wash their pre-packaged veggies before eating, even if it states that they are pre-washed. 

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  • I generally rinse, but if I have dishwashing soap in the sink, I might dip, and then rinse. I dont' buy prepackaged produced, but always wash salad, even pre-'washed', as it's usually a chlorine mix, and dont' fancy eating that...

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  • I'm with ctgirlingermany, I was so bad about washing fruit and veggie before I got pregnant and now I'm a washing crazed fool.  I always always always wash before eating now.  I usually rinse them really well, soak for a few minutes and then rinse again.  If it looks really dirty, then I use soap and water.

    Hubby used to freak out if I didn't wash the fruits and veggies before eating them.

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  • I rinse them and sometimes use soap.  I ALWAYS use soap on rind fruits that I'm going to cut into (watermelons, cantelopes, limes) because if there is bacteria on the rind and you cut into it, you'll get bacteria on the fruit.

    With veggies like potatoes, I scrub those puppies with a clean sponge or brush.

    Mushrooms get scrubbed and then soaked and scrubbed again. 

  • I rinse.  I don't buy much pre-packaged fruit and veg except for baby spinach and I always rise that anyway.  
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  •  I rinse most things. My MIL doesn't eat apple skins even if the apple has been rinsed, she made the point  to tell me as i was eating an apple with skins that the pesticides can cause infertility. I am sure that only occurs in high doses, but if we have trouble conceiving later, I dont want her to blame my apples, so i have honestly started that as well and just peel the apple. If I am going to cook the veg, I usually don't rinse at all.
  • I rinse them with white vinegar and water, unless for fruits - only water.

    If you do not peel them, better do it, because of the pesticides. Even though you don't see any dirt in it, the products they use still in it. 

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