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Don't eat the cucumbers

I am sure most of you have read this -

But just in case I thought I would post it, especially seen as we have some Ladies in the countries that could be affected.

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Re: Don't eat the cucumbers

  • Yikes! I'm glad ours are English! But still scary that it could happen...
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  • Ahhhh, thank you. I had heard not to eat salads, not specifically cucumbers. Thanks for posting.
  • I received an email about food poisoning in the area after I ate cucumber salad in the hotel.  Needless to say since then I have been avoiding salads, though this is the first I've heard of it clearly identified as cucumbers.  This is scary, I hope that people stop coming down ill and that no one else dies.  Thanks for sharing the link.
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  • Good heads up Blushing! 

    Just in case anyone is wondering about the seriousness of this - my son almost died of HUS on his 1st birthday.  HUS is extremely serious.  It's a syndrome caused by a reaction in your body to a toxin emitted into your bloodstream by bacteria.  While the most common cause is a particular strain of e.coli, it can be caused by other things.  T had HUS as a reaction to a particular strain of strep pneumococcal bacteria.   The strain he had is included in the PCV (Prevnar 13) vaccine as of Feb 2010.  Too late for us as that was when T was already hospitalized.  The previous PCV vaccines only covered 6 strains, the new one covers 13 strains.  Anyway, probably more info then anyone wanted to know, but this is something I am slightly obsessive about, given what we went through.  Needless to say, I just threw out a cucumber and won't be buying any in the near future.  Yes, I know my cukes are English, but I can not take ANY chances with T with regards to this illness.  We still have to attend regular hospital visits to monitor him, over 1 year later.


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  • I didn't know about that, thank you Blushing.

    Beannie that's horrible, your poor son. I'm so glad he pulled through.

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  • Wow Beannie, I remember you going through your son's illness, but didn't realize that it was a reaction. So scary. 

    As for the cucumbers, they have been talking up and down on the news about it here.  Pandi- there is a lot of information on AFN, the military radio channel, this is where I heard that it is a strain of E coli.  We're still concerned that they'll find it in more veggies than just cucumbers, so DH and I are currently trying to only buy fruits and veggies from very local producers right now, not that this guarantees anything either. 

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  • lelialelia member
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    Yup. DH has asked me not to buy fresh fruits and veggies but to use the frozen ones in our freezer until the source has been identified....his company quit serving fresh salads and such in their cafeteria as a precaution.
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  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for the notice. I hadn't heard anything. I'm not even sure if we're affected here in NL but it's great to know so that I can take precaution.


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  • Glad to see MIL was telling me about it but with the language barrier I wasn't sure what exactly the threat was.  Sounds like we'll definitely be avoiding cucumbers and probably most fresh produce for a little bit.

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  • halydiahalydia member
    MIL bought Spanish cukes today. If you guys don't hear from me ever again, that's why ;)
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