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Dyson question

Do you ever see them for much more than about 20% off?  Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. have them 20% off today and I'm wondering if we should go ahead and buy or if there is generally a better sale down the road.  We're looking at either the DC25 or DC28 animal vacs.  Thanks!

Re: Dyson question

  • That's probably about as low as the prices go.  However, that 20% off price is Amazon's regular price almost all the time, so if you're not ready to take the plunge, there's always Amazon.
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  • If you get BB&B 20% coupons, you can always use those too, even though it says on the coupon you can't. So you could wait a little bit and then if nothing better comes up, use one of those.

    Honestly, though, it's definitely worth the money. 

  • Yes - I bought my animal brand new from BBB by 1) price matching to Target's in-store sale price 2) using the 20% off coupon (they take them for Dysons in my store even though the coupons say not valid for Dysons).  I think the price matching alone saved me about $100.
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  • Keep an eye on

    I saw one of the ones you mentioned on sale for $243 less than a week ago which is the lowest I've seen.  In fact, do a search on slickdeals - Maybe that sale is still going on.  If not, it'll come up again and usually I see the prices at around $280. 


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