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Microsuede couch + dog = bad

Hi all,


First time on your board, I think.  I went right from TK to TB without much time here at TN :) Wondering if you have any suggestions to help really deep clean my microsuede couch because my English Bulldog sheds like nobodies business.  We thought microsuede was good for dog shed, but it's quite the opposite- his hair gets caught between the fibers like little needles and never comes out.  Plus he's a drooler :(

It's totally  my fault for letting him up here to cuddle all the time and it's too late to train him out of it, but we're expecting out first LO in October and it would be nice to have a clean couch when he/she arrives! 

Re: Microsuede couch + dog = bad

  • It isn't to late to train him not to get on the couch, we did it with our American Bulldog. He has a pillow in the living room and is quite content. Second, we switched our bulldog's food to a grain free and he shed soooo much less. Nothing a little furminator can't handle.

     I feel your pain though, when we first got him his hair drove me insane. We have leather, my biggest issue is the slobber.

  • We vacuum ours, lint brush for a quick fix.
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  • We have a microfiber sofa, a cat and a husky who sheds CONSTANTLY.  We use a lint brush or very fine rubber brush for the big stuff, the vacuum attachment for the smaller stuff, then we have a carpet shampooer with an upholstery attachment for any drool spots... we've had the sofa ~6 years and it still looks fantastic.
  • image MissIntentional:
    We vacuum ours, lint brush for a quick fix.

    this is what i do too and I have a pug.

  • Thanks for the the suggestions, ladies.  Unfortunately vaccuuming doesn't even make a dent in it, but we did steam clean it with a rented machine once that worked well, it was just cumbersome and I thought there had to be a better way.  I suppose that's my only choice until I can train the dog off the couch for good!
  • A slipcover  could be another option!
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  • We have chihuahuas and they shed like crazy. We bought a cheap bed sheet to use when we travel by car (car is a PITA to vacuum out). Once you have the couch clean, cover it with a sheet and work on training the dog to sit on the floor.

    We bought a leather couch and our dog hair situation is so much better.

    Also, regular bathing/brushing helps.

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