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*Paige* - The Book Thief *spoilers*

I read mixed reviews on this book before I started it.  One thing I read a lot of was that people really didn't like the narrator, Death.  I personally liked the narrator's take on things.  It was really cool that when he was talking about someone he would give you a glimpse into that person's death. 


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Re: *Paige* - The Book Thief *spoilers*

  • I thought that was pure creative genius to tell a story from that perspective. I have never read anything like it.

    I totally cried when she was saying goodbye to Papa and Rudy.

    And I was so glad to see that she was taken in by the mayor and his wife. That made me happy.

    Then I cried again when she was reunited with Max. I thought he was such a great character.

  • Kasi80Kasi80 member
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    I was so sad when we got a glimpse at Rudy's death (before it happened) and Papa's too.  I was hoping none of them would die.  Oh and when they said the mom was beatuiful and quiet at one time I couldn't believe it!  Haha. 

    How about when Papa got whipped?  OMG, I wanted to shed a few tears at that.  It bothered me more than when she did.  

    I wonder if she ended up marrying Max.....That would have been a little weird but they weren't THAT far off in age. 

    I was really sad about the whole Max situation and how he felt they were doing too much for him.  Can you imagine living in a freezing basement 24 hours a day (almost) for 2 yers!?  Poor guy....then only to get captured anyway?

    I liked the mayor's wife.  She was awesome to intentionally leave the window open.   


    my read shelf:
    Kasi's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)

  • Ugh. When papa got whipped I wanted to bawl.

    Max. Where do I begin on my thoughts for Max? ... Everything about the events that took place because of Hitler make me want to cry. It was a little hard to read about what happened because of having such a personal look on it by following one persons struggles because of being Jewish. I think Max was so great and if they did get married I would be so happy.

    The mayors wife made my day.

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