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Deep cleaning bathroom

We just closed on our house and the only thing we really need to do before completely moving in is deep clean the bathrooms because they are a little dirty and to just get all the germs out.  What do you recommend for a good cleaning of a bath tub and the tile around it to kill germs?  And what do you use to clean hardwood floors?  TIA!
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Re: Deep cleaning bathroom

  • You can't go wrong with Lysol or Clorox bathroom cleaners. Scrub the toilets really well (inside and out). When we bought our home, it seemed the previous owners smoke in the master bathroom (no where else), so needless to say it smelled like smoke for a while. I had wiped down the walls and cabinets. I also took the vent in there apart and cleaned it really well (which finally got rid of some of the smoke smell). Also clean on top of the door frames, shelves, and top of the bathtub/shower (that collects a tremendous amount of dust, and goes unnoticed).

    For wood floors, I always sweep really well (or dust mop them), and I have a swiffer type mop. It's made by Clorox, but I think Libman makes one, too. Anyway, its rectangled and it has a terry cloth head that can be put through washer/dryer. I will get that wet and wring out excess water, squirt Pledge WOOD floor cleaner (not the furniture polish, or you will be sliding all over the place) either directly on the floor or on the mop head (I squirt on the floor), and just go over the floor with the mop. Hope that all makes sense, lol!

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  • MNVegasMNVegas member
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    STEAM!  Get yourself a good hand held steamer and this will kill germs without chemicals. It will also get off soap scum, buildup around faucets and stuff in toilet. Wipe up with paper towels as you steam everything down.
  • Awesome!  Thank you ladies!
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  • Ditto on the steamer! I love mine! Be sure to get one that doesn't just mop, but that you can hold in your hand and aim the steam jet onto the surface. I found the moping feature to be kinda meh.
  • I haven't used a steamer yet (I'd try that first), but if you need something to whiten the grout in your tiles (if you have any), I recommend using a bleach bathroom cleaner. It really works wonders for grout.
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