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Too young for breast cancer..right?

It has been an emotional couple of weeks! A few months ago I found a hardness in one of my breasts. I went to the gyno and they said that it was a pulled muscle. Well it hasn't gone away so I went back to the gyno and she thought it was a cyst and sent me for an ultrasound. They couldn't find anything in the ultrasound (which I though was great news!) but then the doctor said:

"If it's breast cancer it wouldn't necessarily show up on the ultrasound"


 They send me in for a mammogram right after and that came back all clear. So no cancer, no cyst, but I still have the hard spot. My mind should be at ease but it's not!


Re: Too young for breast cancer..right?

  • The first thing I say, you will hate: I'm not sure there's such a thing as "too young" for breast cancer.  With that, though, you probably should be at ease based on their findings.  If you're not 100% comfortable, ask if there's any other test she can order like an MRI or CT. 
    Matt loves Munkii!!!
  • I agree with munkii, I don't know if there is such a thing as to young but if they have done those tests and they are clear you should be just fine. But if it still makes you uneasy I would bring it up to your family dr. again.
  • The doctor said it's like one in a thousand for a 25 year old but he didn't want me to be that one so that's why I got the mammogram. I do feel better...I've been to 3 doctors and they have all said not to worry.
  • What a scary thing!  I imagine I would be extremely freaked out and overly cautious if I was in your place as well.  But I I would also say after three doctors you're clear, but definitely keep an eye on things and go back if you're not feeling settled with your body! 
  • Yeah - sadly not too young for cancer and totally scary situation.  It sounds like you've covered your bases though and are on top of it all. I am crossing my fingers that things continue to be crossed off the possibility list until all you're left with is something totally benign and nothing to worry about.

  • Unfortunately, you are not too young, but I think you've covered your bases.

    My doctor found a lump in my breast a few years ago and it ended up being nothing as well. I had to go through the ultrasound/mammogram, too.  It definitely messes with your head a little!

  • I'm way late on this, but I would just keep an eye on it and go back for a follow up just to make sure.  My mom had a lump last year and it turned out to be a cyst, she's all good.  It's scary as hell....
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