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Area help?

I've noticed that this is a pretty dead board, but maybe some of you will pop in and notice me here and be able to lend some help! Smile

DH has accepted a job in WV, so unless something happens with the physical and they rescind the offer, we'll be moving from Pittsburgh to WV.

The office is actually located in Jane Lew. However, google has informed me that it is a town of 406 people. I hyperventilated a tiny bit before deciding that we would simply find a nearby area to settle in to.

So, any suggestions for a decent area? A bit more north would be preferred (just to help with the 2 hour drive back and forth to Pittsburgh, since all of our family will still be around the area), but not necessary. I looked in to Clarksburg super quick, but I couldn't tell what the area was like. We're big time city kids, so we're hoping to find an area that won't totally shell shock us. Embarrassed

Thank you!!

Thanks to our wonderful RE our family is complete!
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Re: Area help?

  • You could live in Morgantown, which is much closer to Pittsburgh - but it would be about a 40 minute commute each way for your H.

    Fairmont is also nice, but again, it'd be about a 30 minute commute for him.

    Those are the only two "cities" I'm familiar with that are north of Jane Lew.  Visit Morgantown and convince him to enjoy that commute Wink

    Good Luck!

  • Buckhannon is really close (30 min) to Jane Lew. It's a cute little college town with a river walk and an annual Strawberry Festival. Not really a city, but thought i should recommend it. 

    I sort of think that there are a lot of drugs in Clarksburg. It's kind of slummy, imo.

    Morgantown is awesome. I would live there if I weren't afraid I'd drink myself to death.

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  • Morgantown is only 40 min? I thought it was more like an hour. Shows what I know!

    DH is fine with a commute. We live in the suburbs and already spend our mornings with a 30-50 minute commute in city traffic. DH said he would rather have highway driving that entire time than sitting in stop & go traffic. So, that's good to know!

    I wondered if Fairmont was a decent area. And I'm really glad PP mentioned Clarksburg being slummy-those are the things that I need to know for sure!!!! I was a bit leery myself, but didn't want to discard it without knowing.

    We're hoping to get a day to take a drive down so that we can become familiar with some areas, but I would like to have some areas to focus on before driving down there and blindly driving around!

    Thanks a bunch!!

    Thanks to our wonderful RE our family is complete!
    DS #1 10.12.12
    DS #2 10.24.14

  • Hubs and I just moved from Morgantown. We both went to school there - I graduated in '09 and waited for him to graduate this year. Morgantown is wonderful, and it was definitely home to me the past 7 years. Of course, there aren't many people I know that live in Morgantown that aren't associated with the University in some way, shape, or form. It is a college town and as such, it definitely caters to that demographic. There are tons of cute neighborhoods that could get you away from the college-age kids. The Suncrest area and the areas past South High St. (across the bridge and into the actual neighborhoods) would be great places to look, I would think. Good luck!!
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  • Its august now so im not sure if youve already choose a new home but I noticed no one mentioned Bridgeport. It is 20 minutes from Jane Lew. Actually when you come down I79 south interstate Bridgeport is east and Clarksburg is west. I completely agree that you do not want to live in Clarksburg..it is a slum land and full of drugs. Bridgeport is a very nice upscale town with great schools, shopping, resturants, and terrific friendly people. Im surprised no one suggested it. Good luck


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