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Bad news, a bunch

1. Tonight was the first time I took a bath in our tub (don't judge, I'm not a frequent bath taker, if ever, and we bought the house in late August). I was sad to find out that it has a fairly quick drain and doesn't hold it's water well at all and won't fill halfway no matter how fast I put the water in.

2. This meant I had to refill the tub a few times while taking my bath.

3. Every time I had to refill the tub, I refilled my wine glass.

4. This has made for a very drunk CCH. She didn't realize till she got out.

5. Drunkity drunk drunk drunk.

6. Passing out now......

Thanks to our wonderful RE our family is complete!
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Re: Bad news, a bunch

  • That's very sad! We have lived in our apartment for over a year and I haven't taken a bath either. Not much of a bath person, but it does sound relaxing.
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  • I don't bath too often either.  I kinda hate my tub.  That's why I didn't buy any bath bombs tonight!  Enjoy your drunken sleep!

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  • Boo for leaky tubs.  I used to take a bath just to relax every once in a while, but I'm pretty sure I managed to break my tub in this house somehow (or maybe it was always broken), but I can't even get the drain to close. 

    Hope you're having a good drunkity and not a bad drunkity!


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  • image Lilou902:
    I don't bath too often either.  I kinda hate my tub.  That's why I didn't buy any bath bombs tonight!  Enjoy your drunken sleep!

    I don't either, I hate my tub too, it's too shallow.

    Boo for leaky tubs Sad

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  • I hate taking baths. I have lived here for 1 1/2 year and neither me or Dh have taken a bath in the tub.


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  • I am more into taking baths now that we own a new home. No one else has ever used the tub before and I like that. Sorry your drain sucks :-(
  • We've lived in our house 4 years and I've hardly taken any baths.  We need to redo our bathrooms and once we do I think baths will be much more frequent.  Our drain also sucks so my goal is to go out this weekend and find a drain stopper.  I got bath bombs at Lush the other weekend and I'm sad I haven't been able to use them yet :(
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  • tdmd09tdmd09 member
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    My tub leaks too, so I have a drain stopper.. it's like a rubber disc thing that sits over the drain. It was extraordinarily cheap.

    I hardly ever take baths too, because I get bored while I'm in there. Then again, I've never tried drinking wine in the tub... maybe I should start! 

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