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I'm so mad. I had 17.5 days of vacation saved up. I took the rest of my maternity leave and got disability pay and then I took an additional 6 unpaid days. Wanna know what they paid me for last month when I SHOULD HAVE had 17.5 days of pay?



Yep. Four dollars and thirty-nine cents. 




Yeah. They'll be getting a pretty urgent phone call from me on Monday. That's not going to pay the mortgage or for my BFF's wedding that I"m going to be in at the end of this month, or for daycare, or groceries, gasoline, car payment, electricity, gas, or anything really. I'm sure this won't be resolved for a very long time too. 

It will be fine but it's just so annoying to have to get things fixed. I just want them to work out. Glad I'm not going to be on maternity leave ever again. oy.

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Re: areyoufvckingkiddingme?

  • Damn dude I'm sorry. I hope this gets resolved for you soon!
  • OMG Nancy!  I'm so sorry :(  I hope you chew some a$$ and they resolve this for you asap.

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  • Wow.  I hope you get it resolved quickly.  I'd be chewing some people out!
  • Ack!!!!!  Well, more than ack, but still.  That sucks.  Light a fire under someone's ass.
  • The thing that makes me SUPER nervous is that when I first started they deducted $500 for dependent care flex but never turned that over to flex so I was unable to get that money back. I had all of the paperwork showing that they had the money and that flex never got it but they were hellbent that they were right. 2 years later and I never got my $500. What if I don't get my 17.5 days of pay? So scared, but the good thing is, it's only one month, I can get creative with my bill paying, dig out my credit cards, and if all else fails, ask to borrow from family. (yuck). I always figure stuff out but man, it sure is a blow to expect to see a fair chunk of money and only see $4.39. slap in the face.
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  • I pray that is not what my June check looks like. 

    Hope you can get this worked out!  

  • This reminds me a little of when I taught summer school and didn't get paid. They were all, "Your pay will be on your September paycheck" wasn't. I had to harass some people to get the $$$. Jeez. Obviously your situation is much more dire/immediate...I hope they fix it sooner than later for you!!!

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  • Sounds like someone effed up the payroll!  Hope you get it fixed soon!
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