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Has anyone ever had an allergy test?

I'm very certain that D has a dairy allergy. I gave him Lactofree whole milk to try today, and he broke out in a rash on his face, chest and had mild diarrhea. I want to talk to his GP about allergy testing, since he's also had a runny nose for the better part of two months. Will GP's send babies under 1 year to an allergist?

Re: Has anyone ever had an allergy test?

  • I got allergy tested myself when I was about 10 or so. I have a friend who's son got tested before he was a year old, this was in the US though.

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  • I had DD1 tested when she was three for all kinds of allergies (food & environmental).  The food one is a bit tricky because the press the skin w/ the substance but the others are done through a blood test.

    I also had DD2 tested at 1yr for environmental allergies.  It was as easy as getting a vaccine, but a bit more traumatic... not too bad though.

    This was done here in the US. 

  • I've had those skin prick tests when I was an adult.  I don't know what they do for babies though.  I hope he is ok!
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  • My guess would be no.  I can imagine my GP just telling me to stop giving him dairy and see how it goes from there.  It's just my gut feeling, but I think that unless it was really serious and D was having trouble eating anything, an allergist would be something you'd really have to push for.  But, it never hurts to ask, you know?
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  • Thanks guys. I'm still going to make a GP appointment to ask about it, even if they tell me it's not possible. His runny nose is driving me insane, and it's not due to teething. I think he's also got seasonal allergies just like DH and I. It never hurts to ask, right?
  • I had allergy tests done (scratches on my back) when I was 10 and they determined that I was allergic to dairy.  I developed this allergy at 10 years of age and it was gone by the time is was 20.  As my doctor said, allergies and lactose intolerance are 2 different things and there isn't anything you can take if it is an allergy.  My mother did try giving me goat's milk, soy milk and calcium supplements as she was afraid I wouldn't be getting enough calcium...also some skim milk was ok as most people who are allergic to dairy are mostly allergic to the fat in it.  I don't know if any of this will help since you child is much younger than I was but that was my experience.  
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  • He's on soy formula right now. I knew he was at least lactose intolerant since any time he had any dairy, he'd vomit and have horrible diarrhea and gas. Those are the same symptoms that I have, and I'm lactose intolerant (been tested for it).  Just recently I started giving him lactose free cheese, and he seemed to be fine eating it. No stomach issues, no rash or anything. Just when I gave him the lactose free milk is when the rash showed up.

    Children under 2 cannot have skimmed milk. There's not enough fat or nutrients in it to give them the calories they need. I haven't tried goats milk for him yet. I'd give him normal soy milk, but I still have to talk to a nutritionist to make sure he's getting a varied diet.

    It could either be a true dairy allergy, or a wheat allergy. I also added whole wheat bread into his diet a week ago, but he showed no signs of an allergy to that either. I've cut out both dairy and wheat from his diet, and the rash is improving.

    Thanks kimchi.

  • You should definitely talk to your GP about it, but they may not be able to do any testing right now. I know that he's too young for at least some types of allergy tests. But definitely ask your dr about it! good luck.

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  • well I know they do do it here for under 1's because Genna had a reaction to wheat, whole milk and a number of other things (she didn't break out in a rash, but would get a REALLY upset tummy - up crying all night, etc.)

    the midwife I really trust told me a lot of babies have intolerances to  some foods and may not tolerate a lot of stuff until 2+, then only a very small percentage turn out to actually have allergies - most just grow out of it

    she suggested I just narrow down the foods that upset her and just cut them out, I did that with wheat and try it again every couple of months - most things here don't say to do wheat til after they are 1 anyway

    but anyhoo - I do know they do it - but if you can narrow it down yourself maybe it's easier just to cut that stuff out of his diet for awhile - gl :)

  • my dd had a test done for dairy and egg allergies due to breaking out in a facial rash with hives when each was introduced. she was 9 months when we got the appt through the NHS. It was a skin prick test and was positive for both (but we knew already from the reactions to each and the DR just wanted to confirm it). We get a follow up appt. every 3 months (alternates between dietician and the dermatologist) to see how things are going and to consider if we are to challenge her on these things.

    Had piriton prescribed for any accidental reactions. it's not recc on the package for under one, but is fine with a rx.


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