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To be more Green :-)

Right now we are currently bringing recycling to my boss who uses a pickup service.

Lights and water off asap.

Home grown (both of our parents farm) veggies, beef, pork, chicken, eggs and a few fruits.

Anything else you can point me in the right direction to?

Re: Trying!

  • Welcome to the board!

    Here is a link to a post a couple weeks back that might a good place for you to start, though it sounds like you're making some pretty good choices already. 

    EDD 9/24/13 BabyFetus Ticker
    Best sound ever: baby's heartbeat! (Heard @ 10w1d)
  • Hi Jessie! :-)

    On top of what was in the linked thread, some of the things that we started out with were the easiest things to change like switching all the light bulbs to CFLs as they burned out, weaning off of paper products and using cloth napkins and washcloths/towels to clean up messes instead of paper towels, I switched to a diva cup instead of tampons, leaving the heat down lower and AC up higher by a few degrees, unplugging things when they're not in use (cell phone charger, laptop charger, Playstation, etc. can pull power even when they're not in use), always donating things instead of trashing them (through Goodwill or freecycle), bringing a reusable coffee mug and water bottle to work instead of using paper/styrofoam every day, etc.


  • Hey I figured you'd be over here :-) Guess I could have just asked you! Im currently working on the lightbulb situation. Paper towels will be my downfall Im sure :-( I am an obsessive unplugger (It drives H nuts).
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