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come out, come out wherever you are

Ok, so I don't post much either. 

How is everyone?  Do we have new lurkers?

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Re: come out, come out wherever you are

  • Really! 5 views and NO responses.
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  • I viewed and responded!! Stick out tongue Just for you!

    I've been busy. Just took up quilting and have two quilt tops done already. Spending way too much time on them....

    image Sisterly Love
  • I'm here!  Haven't been on in forever!  I'm back to work now after my maternity leave and missing my boys!!

    In other news, I've also become recently addicted with words with friends. 

  • I love words with friends! I am Ellen 1975.
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  • I am doing well, just crazy busy with school! I hope everyone is fabulous! This board is so darn slow.
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  • Ohhh, a post! haha

    I don't get on here much because the board is so slow. Hope everyone is doing well. We are super busy at work so I've been coming home exhausted. So glad the weekend is here  :)

  • image JoshnEllen:
    I love words with friends! I am Ellen 1975.

    You've got a new friend!

  • AW! Thanks! I Amy not be the best player, but I love to play.
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  • hello, I am new, I hope that maybe we will get more traffic on this board.  I am from the howell area, how about the others on here?
  • I don't think I've posted on the Lansing board on the nest before, so I guess I'm a new lurker!
  • I'm a new lurker. I've been hanging out on The Bump on the TTCAL boards. There's no one there even remotely from the Lansing area, so I thought I'd check out The Nest for people.


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