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Weekend Plans?

Anything interesting?


My uncle is up from VA for the weekend mainly to watch the UVA vs BC baseball game, with a little family visting thrown in. He's going today and tomorrow, so we may go to tomorrow's game with some other family, then a get together at my aunt's house. I'd love to get some work done in the yard, but that's my hope every weekend, and I don't always get to it.

Re: Weekend Plans?

  • I'm home from work today, so I guess my weekend has already started. I''ll probably spend the majority of the day sitting here waiting for our windows to be delivered. Then, tonight, DH and I will be going to Home Depot to get the tar paper and other materials we need to start installing the windows.

    Tomorrow I volunteered to work in the morning for a few hours of test prep with my students. It's math test prep which I'm really looking forward to because I haven't taught math in a few years. Tomorrow afternoon we'll probably start installing the windows.

    I think Sunday is going to consist of lots of window installation. Fun. haha


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  • Eh, not much.  DH is going back to College this weekend to some fraternity reunion thing.  My hope is that he comes home in one piece.
  • headed to Ouray for some hot springs family swimming and a night away!

    Then back to reality of cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc!

    Jill how are you feeling? 

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  • This weekend is the trip to Baltimore for DH's (and his twin's) B-day. He still doesn't have a clue! I am so excited! I pretty much have us packed and ready to go, I just have to do the last min stuff in the AM. Hope he doesn't get too mad he as to wake up at 4am to make our flight Stick out tongue I may give him morning sex to make the wake up better.
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  • Track meets, like usual.  JV meet today about 30 minutes away, varsity meet tomorrow about 2 hours away.  Sunday will be yard work.

    This is my standard issue weekend from March-early June-kinda boring but that's okay. 

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  • I finished Hunger Games last night and started Catching Fire. I will probably be reading it all day tomorrow. (LOVE IT) Sunday I am walking in the walk for Multiple Sclerosis in Sacramento for my friend, then visiting my brother and nephew while I'm up that way.

    Oh, and it's supposed to be in the 80's here !! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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    Jill how are you feeling? 

    Super nervous right now. I've been getting sharp cramps yesterday and today. Other than that, I'm feeling just like I did with Alex.

  • Tonight we're hanging out with friends, and a new couple is joining us (yay more couple friends!) to play settlers of catan and eat pizza. So. Nerdy. (but so fun).

     Saturday I'd like to hit the farmers market, and lie low, then early to bed.

    Sunday is my half marathon. We'll be up at 4, leaving at 4:30, and getting to Orange County around 5:30 for the 6am start. Why must it be so early??

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