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good morning!! happy friday!

good morning ladies! happy friday! 

i had a bittersweet last day yesterday....totally not done with all the stuff i should've been done with, but oh well right? i worked a 10 hour shift on my last day....i think that's being a team player, right? oh well....bigger, better things! 

anything on the agenda today? i'm at new employee orientation today so that means minimal nesting. booooo. 

good luck with move-day cdmay! 

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Re: good morning!! happy friday!

  • Orientation doesn't sound that interesting but good luck at the new job!

    I had a good day yesterday. Left work early and went shopping with a coworker. Got some much needed new clothes.

    I'm a work and another coworker seems to be mad at me. I think she's upset that the computers sometimes don't work right. They're computers, sometimes they don't act properly! Reboot and usually they are fine. Ugh. She retires in 2 months so I'm just going to let it go.

    Have a great day and a good weekend!

  • Good Morning!

    I am stalking UPS and Fedex because I ordered new boots and a few tops the other night and was hoping to take them to Denver with me this weekend. Smile

    I feel slightly bad for running off to Denver for the weekend and leaving DH at home, because I haven't seen him much lately. But on the flipside he travels a ton and I'm always the one home alone.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  • Good morning!

    Judging by yesterday's post, I guess I'm the only one who woke up early to catch some of the royal wedding? I caught their appearance and kiss and Buckingham Palace, and thought it was very sweet. Kate seems so down to earth, and my word she looked gorgeous. *Enough royal wedding talk*

    It's been a chaotic week so I'm very happy to see it end. H and I are getting sushi and going to Costco tonight. Super romantic, no? We have a pretty low key weekend in mind, but the next two are going to be crazy so I plan to enjoy the downtime while I can.

    Jenn - YAY for your new job!! So happy for you!

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  • Hello! Last night I got more practice in on my couponing ways and had another great shopping trip. H is now officially impressed, I'm saving double what I'm spending each time now so he's very happy. Guess I'm meant to do this!

    On the job front, turns out my union, who is supposed to have my back at all costs, they are the ones denying my paperwork returning me to full duty. I am furious. So I am working with HR to see if I can get a job transfer. It's exciting and sad because I have been in the same position for almost 12 years and I will miss it. But there are also some things I won't miss. Crossing my fingers everything goes well with the transfer! And at least now with couponing I'm saving money! Lol!

    Tonight I'm going to relax, do the last of my grocery shopping, and then do a light cleaning of the house. We're hosting a birthday party tomorrow, but since it was deep cleaned last Sat, it just needs a little dusting.

    Hope you all have a great weekend! And good luck Jenn!

  • morning ladies!

    I'm at home sick with a sinus cold. Boo I hate spring colds! Yesterday I came home from work at about 2 feeling really crappy, today it is slightly better but still not great. Hopefully I feel a lot better by Monday because this sucks!

    Hope that everyone else has a great day!!

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  • Good morning,

    Jennlin - Happy new job day!

    Merrilee - That sounds like a perfect date night to me. I miss sushi Sad

    Today I have a normal day at work and I get to leave an hour early. Wahoo! I am almost all caught up even. Tomorrow we are headed to Spokane for Bloomsday. I am really excited. I am also really excited for the Kirkland Half next week and I am not even running it. I am hoping for no rain so I can go down and check out the race exhibits. A friend of mile is running it so I can't wait to cheer her on too!

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  • Oops, you got an extra special happy first day of work post, Jenn. It didn't occur to me to look for the good morning post.

    It sounds like everyone's having a great week. 

    Sorry to post and run, but I wanted to pop in and say hi!


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