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What have you done to be green this week?

The usual: recycling, buying from the farmers' market, homemade cleaning solutions, hung up clothes to dry, brought cartons back to egg farmer to be refilled...

Also: walked to the store, donated old cell phones to be reused (UPS gives them to womens' shelters), repurposed old basket for keeping onions, reusing boxes for moving

Re: What have you done to be green this week?

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    Planted 3 more shrubs in my garden.
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  • Bought my BIL a travel mug-style coffee cup with a basket for tea.  He's in musicals in his college, and gets a lot of leads, so feels the need to "hydrate adequately" -- as in drinking 6-8 BOTTLES of water a day.  Actually drinking the bottle and then getting another rather than refilling.  I mailed him that mug with a box of fruit teas for fun and he was really excited. Now if I could just convince my MIL to stop washing every single thing on hot....
  • The usual, recycled, reused some plastic containers to start my sees, composted, planted some buy one get one free herbs in my veggie bed, took my glass travel mug to the gas station for coffee all week.
  • Standard things we do all the time, recycling, eating from our preserved foods, hybrid car, shopping at the Farmer's Market, reuseable bags.

    Kept going with growing our own food.  We started hardening off the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.  We trained the peas onto the trellis DH made out of bamboo (high five for sustainable materials!).  Planted flowers to attract polinators.

    One of our friends is holding a workshop this weekend on how to make homes for mason bees, which are non-aggressive pollinators. I'm really looking forward to it.

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  • Besides the typical things, we've officially switched to using rags rather than paper towells and have 100% decided to compost (something we have been toying with for a while - we are getting started tomorrow!).

  • We walked to the library this week instead of driving.  We also started our vegetable garden and compost bin.  I've been saving my #5 plastics and plan on sending a whole box in soon to be recycled.
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  • The usual: Biking/walking instead of having a car, recycling, composting. turning off lights and unplugging appliances when not using, etc.

    This week: Just hung my first load of clothes of the season outside (we air dry what we can inside in the winter)! Yay.

  • I made an effort to convince the guy we're buying our house from to install solar before we move in.  Can you believe he's considering it?!?!  :)

    Let's see... what else.  Not too much unfortunately.  I recycled obviously.  Used my UnPaper Towels instead of paper towels.  That's about it.

  • First post on this board!! :)

    I planted new shrubs (okay, my husband planted them... I supervised), refused plastic bags for small items at the store twice and carried my items out, refilled my water jug instead of buying a new bottle, was more mindful about excessive lights on in the house, addressed a drip from the plumbing in the bathroom, printed only one class set of handouts for my students at work this week and recollected it each period (instead of making 240 copies), and hung my last load of laundry to be dried instead of using the dryer.

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