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Housewarming Party

Hi everyone!  DH and I just moved into our new home and want to throw a housewarming to enjoy your new space with our close friends and family.  We want to invite neighbors as well to get to know them.  The community we moved into is rather large so we're not sure how to get the word out without sending invitations and leaving people out.  Several of the neighbors have already introduced themselves as they've seen us outside and we still want to invite those we haven't met yet because it would be a great opportunity to meet them!  I figure we'll invite those who live in houses nearest us, but I don't want someone to be offended if they see other neighbors dropping by but they didn't get an invitation.  Thoughts???

Re: Housewarming Party

  • I think it's enough to invite just your immediate neighbors.  Who all has come and introduced themselves?  Probably just the couple houses right around you.  There's no obligation to invite more than that and people won't feel left out.

    I'd ring the bell and give them a printed invitation, a flier's enough, though something printed at home would be cute too.  I wouldn't put "housewarming" on there.  For some people, that implies bringing a gift and that'd be awkward for strangers, so just say a dinner party or cookout.

  • Yeah, it's been pretty much the neighbors around us.  Some have come from further down the block and that's where I ran into the "where do I stop" issue.  That's a great idea to just go with those around us and leave it at that.  I think that's what I was leaning toward but I needed to hear that it was okay to do that. 

     I am definitely putting a "no gifts, please" notation at the bottom of any invitation, even for friends and family.  We just want to enjoy time with friends, family and new neighbors and really don't want anything in return.  Great advice!  Thanks!

  • image rockc1402:

     I am definitely putting a "no gifts, please" notation at the bottom of any invitation, even for friends and family. 

    It's better to just not mention gifts at all.  If your friends & family want to give you a bottle of wine, it's their place to.  That's why something like, "Join Jack and Jill for dinner on May 22" is the simple way to do it.  Eh, JMO ;)

  • Don't call it a housewarming. We called ours a Spring Fling. And we only invited neighbors we had met.
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