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Re: McDonalds Beating

  • the biggest question I always have when there are videos of attacks is "WTF ARE THE PEOPLE DOING FILMING THIS!?"  Like, why is that your first reaction instead of stopping the fight?  That makes me more angry than the people who are in the fight.
  • The dude who was filming the fight is obviously a fcuk. I wouldn't watch the video, but the commentary on it in the article I was reading said they could hear him laughing throughout the thing. I'm liable to get in trouble someday, but my first reaction is WTF?! Followed by, get in to help stop it.

    This kind of isht makes me sick.

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  • 14 & 18 years old...these girls. who taught them to act like this? this is pretty horrible.
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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  • How horrible. I was afraid to open the link first, because I was afraid it was at the McDonalds across from my office here in Seattle.

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  • seriously why doesnt anyone ever step in? they all want to put some sh!t on youtube and be internet famous. wtf
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    seriously why doesnt anyone ever step in? they all want to put some sh!t on youtube and be internet famous. wtf

    I agree. If I would have been there you bet your a$$ I would have jumped in and pulled them apart. I hate that people just stand there and watch. It's sick. Even more so that people videotape it for youtube. Makes me sick.

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