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happy humpday

wednesday.  and it's a warm one!  75 here!  warmest yet, i think.  but it is dark and rainy.  i dont even care!  i am going to run outside tonight if i can (aka, if it is not storming).  i love wearing capris and flats to work :)

tomorrow is my last day of work for the week and i am pleased as pie.  

busy day today (and likely tomorrow) which will make the day go faster.  yes please.

how is everyone else? 

Re: happy humpday

  • crud Shauni, you beat me. :) I wonder which one we'll post on?
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  • Haha, I picked this one cause it had a reply already.

    I had a ridiculously busy day at work yesterday. My biggest client came in for a visit, so I had meetings all day and did no other work. Now, I have a ton of work to do, which isn't a bad thing because it'll make the day go by faster.

    Yesterday, I got home from work, showered and slept, woke up for dinner and went right back to sleep. I slept like crap the night before because whenever I have a significant event in my life, I ALWAYS have nightmares that I'm going to over sleep, forget and wear crappy clothes, etc. 

    I'm hoping it doesn't thunderstorm later so H and I can go for a loooong walk. 

    (An unmatched left parenthesis creates an unresolved tension that will stay with you all day.

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    Woke up. Still queen.
  • Tired.  DH has his alarm accidentally set for 3.  Briefly thought about getting up and working out.  So I didn't sleep well from 3 to 5.  Dragging azz this morning.

    Today is extra payday day.  We got 3 checks in March, but I never used the "extra" b/c of timing w/ bills.  But today's paycheck is all play.  Going to buy running shoes, get my hair cut/colored, sign up for the triathlon and save $$ for Vegas.  So exciting to get a little extra every once in a while.

    Last night I watched some documentary thing on Lifetime about infertile women.  Cried about 14 times.  Bad thing for the hormonal, PMS-ing, infertile myrtle to be watching right before bed.  I asked DH if he would be ok w/ being a fur-daddy his whole life.  Answer was no.  Begin more stress & worry...

    Tonight's training plan is swimming and I'm extremely happy to get back in the pool.  Just need to find my kickboard and pull buoys.  Squee!

  • Morning Friends!

    I have been MIA lately. I had monday and tuesday off from work. Saturday while Greg was at work called me seeing if I wanted to go to the Keys for the weekend, so after we got out of work (2pm-ish) we throw stuff in the car and drove to the Keys to visit his dad. Very short trip we left Monday because Greg had to work and I had baby doctor on tuesday.

    So I got to see and hear the heart beat of our little one yesterday. What an amazing thing. Greg was suppose to go but ended up picking up a shift for someone.


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  • Hollerrrrrr, today is my Friday. I kicked off my morning with a cheddar jalapeno bagel with lite cc and a coffee from Au Bon Pain. Also ran the dishwasher and cycled laundry before leaving this morning.
    I was busy last night. I went to Home Depot and bought 10 annuals and planted them. Then I dusted the basement, cleaned up a spill in the downstairs fridge, and wiped down the powder room.
    I headed to Target and picked up some necessities. Back at home I vacuumed the living room and dining room, did two loads of laundry, set tables out for the RWP, watched the Flyers and then 90210 on DVR.
    I got in bed around 11 and read until 12. Woke up when MFD got in bed at 2, and slept fitfully after. Boo.


  • Oh, Misty. But he knew you'd have difficulty getting PG, right? I'm sorry all around.

    On a good note, huzzzzzzzzzzah for play money. Yay!!!

    I miss the Y because of the pool.

  • Hello!!!

    I left early yesterday b/c I sat with a black screened computer for an hour and half and then finally gave up.  Came in this morning, turned it on, and still not good.  So I called the helpdesk and I have a nasty virus on it, which requires them to bring me a new computer.  Sad

    Till then, i'm working in my one of my boss' office since she's in Italy until the first week in may. 

    I also have to leave early today to go to a funeral in Illinois.  The mom of one of my friends that I grew up with had a massive heart attack saturday and died.  She was only 52.  Sad  AND, my friend is getting married in 3 weeks.  I feel so aweful for her. 

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  • Misty - super yay for play money but boo on the fertility issues.

    Moleson - double boo for virus and sending T&P for your friend.

    Yesterday after work, I ran to the post office to pick up a package (BM dress for friend's wedding next month) then went to meet the owner/director of a private peds clinic and hopefully I'll be working there soon. They have to feel up another SLP's schedule but she wants 2 FT SLP's so fingers crossed. However, now I have to turn down this 4 week assignment that I agreed to do but haven't signed anything. I hate I agreed to do it but I also don't want to be looking for work every 4 weeks plus I have to do all this extra stuff that was never mentioned and I don't have the time or the $$$ to do it right now.

    Came home, tried on the BM dress and major reality check in that it didn't fit. I promptly changed into some workout clothes and hit the road running. Jogged/walked to the track and did 8 laps and threw in some jumping jacks and crunches after some laps to help then ate a shrimp salad. Cut fruit up for today, read and called it a night.

    Sorry about the novel.

  • Moleson, that sounds awful for your friend. T&P

    It's warm and humid.  And my commute got all messed up because of signal problems *again*.  So I was all sweaty and gross when I got to work.  Great start.

    I just have to wait for after lunch, and then I'll spend the rest of the day cutting narration into a 2 hour show.  After that I REALLY won't feel like doing anything - it's odd how draining that is.

    My deal is that I am going to murder your puppies and piss on your rainbows. -diablesse Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • Happy Hump Day!

    Moleson - that is very sad.  I am so sorry for your friend.  It's good of you to travel and be there for her!  Thoughts and prayers.

    My big news is that I have officially reached the point at my job where I need to do some soul searching and really decide what I want going forward.  My decision may involve transferring to a different position / department within my hospital, or looking elsewhere completely.  Some things have happened at work lately that I am not happy with and I am not sure at this point if my position will continue to be a good fit for me.  It's a little sad, because I really like my co-workers and I have been here for quite some time now.  But, I basically walked into this job after college and have been stuck in a very comfy place ever since.  I think it may be time to move on and reach outside my comfort zone.  I'm excited at the same time, and H is being incredibly supportive.  All good =)

    Grocery shopping is on the list for tonight - annoying to go in the middle of the week, but I do like avoiding the crowds on the weekends!  We were forced to stop there this past Saturday (day before Easter) and I was reminded of why we do this.  Insanity.

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  • Hola!!!!

    Last night was rainy so E and I just crashed and watched Toy Story 1,2 and 3. :-)

    It's beautiful today and should be for the next week so we are headed out in the stroller as soon as we get home! After we go get her a graduation dress! My little E is graduating her 3's class. Tears.

    I think that's it...Im brain dead.

  • Morning, morning!  Today is a short day for me.  I'm off at noon and have a bunch of things to take care of so it will be a busy afternoon.  No major plans for today except jumping on my treadmill since my first 5k is on May 7th...yikes!  I may also wash my car because it has been neglected.
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  • Brew- Ah Vegas...fond memories of our bachelor/ette weekend.

    Steph- Jalapeno cheddar bagel!  So jealous

    Moleson- T&P for your friend.  Sucks about your work computer, same thing happend to mine two months ago.

    Thatjessie- Congrats for Miss E.

    Everyone else- Hope you have an awesome day.

    Can you tell that the caffeine is kicking in?

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  • Morning! 

    Today is my LAST DAY of law school YAYYYYYYYYYY!!Big Smile 

  • image angiem33:


    Today is my LAST DAY of law school YAYYYYYYYYYY!!Big Smile 

    Double like!!!

  • image angiem33:


    Today is my LAST DAY of law school YAYYYYYYYYYY!!Big Smile 


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  • Morning, girlies.

    Happy humpday to all.  The past few weeks have been quite an adjustment since BabyQ made his surprise early appearance.  Doc took me in for an 'emergency' c-section two days before scheduled induction b/c of issues with a non-stress test.  Happy ending since everybody is healthy and J is currently napping peacefully beside me (hopefully I didn't just jinx it!) and his daddy and I are totally in love with him.

    Day after we came home from the hospital, we invited MIL (only) over to see the baby (she also visited at hospital 2 days).  She showed up...with FIL, SIL, BIL, niece, nephew, K's cousin and K's aunt.  I was beyond pissed and totally love DH for telling her that she was out of line for inviting all those people to OUR house without asking.  I didn't bother being excessively nice or hostessy while everyone was there and they all left shortly after we finished eating.

    Easter was long but nice.  After MIL's invasion, I refused to go to her house for the holiday so we traveled the hour to my family.  The great-grandparents were thrilled to meet the baby and the cutest was watching my uncle totally fawn over him.

    BabyQ goes for his 2 week checkup this afternoon and my mom is coming up this afternoon and staying til Friday to help me with cleaning & laundry.  Amazing how difficult it is to get much done during the day.

    Bonus:  I've lost 31 lbs since delivery, putting me 16 lbs under pre-prego weight.  Thinking I ought to jump in on the the WWL checkin to keep me on track.

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  • Angie - Yay! congratulations!

    It is cold and icky here again. We got around 4" of snow last night. It is supposed to be cold with the snow/rain mix today and tomorrow still. Friday is supposed to be nice though, can't wait!

    Not much going on here though. Dentist appointment today, more painting, taking the computer to get fixed (won't boot up).

    An AW for my DH though. He was offered a part time job in addition to his full time+ and is making twice what he is making at his full time. So happy that someone is finally paying him what he deserves.

  • I didn't have time to read everyone's, sorry!  I will hopefully be back later.

    This morning was cooler than yesterday, so as a nice bonus I didn't arrive at work all sweaty and gross.  Not much planned except working out and cleaning when I get home.  There's a wake today for a co-worker/friend's neighbor and I'm torn about going (and not sure how I'd get there).  My friend was very close to him, so I feel like I have gotten to know him and I've been following the progress of his illness, but really I've only met him and his boyfriend twice so I'm not sure if it would be weird if I went (plus I am very uncomfortable with wakes in general).  I'd partially be going for my friend, because it's hit him really hard and he's been doing so much to help them out lately, plus I know he's going to be spending a lot of time with the boyfriend to help him through this - the deceased has a truly evil family and they are going to make life very difficult (they were already talking about contesting the will, well before he passed).

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  • C&P my story from my other thread. :)

    Bright and early online this morning, even though the weather is cruddy. Rain. rain, and more rain lately.

    I am subbing this morning. Have been crazy busy... Yesterday I stayed home, but organized some music on the computer, downloaded some new songs, and took pics off the camera from Easter. I had been having problems with my newish camera I got just before Christmas. I think I finally figured out the problem... the ISO was set to the highest setting and messing with the lighting in every picture. Hopefully that solves the problems. Also took the dogs to the vet for heartworm tests for both and yearly shots for Jetta. Picked up some herbal anxiety drops for Piper so we can get through these thunderstorms that freak her out a little easier. Spent $193. Sheesh. Good thing I love them. Hubs got home, we grabbed some leftovers from Easter for dinner, then worked outside... moving heavy, wet hay bales from around the grandparents well and cleaning up an area of the barn. funfun.

    Today I'm hoping to run a few errands after school and finish a few things around the house before cashing out early.

     Sorry for the novel, but figured I would DD the non-read double thread.

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  • Using a sick day from work today since I have a bunch of those and want to savor vacation days for actual fun things Big Smile . Woke up and the dog and I ran just shy of 6 miles, yay us. Waiting for the plumber to get here between now and 11am to fix the faucet on our washer (covered under home warranty!) and then later this afternoon J and I go to see an RE to make sure we're both able to produce offspring. Then IL's are having Easter dinner tonight at their house, our nephews are up  here this whole week so it will be nice to have most of J's family there. And I have a nasty cold where I can't breath through my nose, my chiro adjustment helped yesterday but still stuffy, blech.
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  • mushEmushE member
    Fourth Anniversary

    This week is going by so quickly, which is bad because I have 8 million things to do before this weekend, with the big yard sale, and then I leave Sunday for a conference all week. 

    My boss asked if I could cover court for him on the 12th, and my BFF/co-worker tells him no, because I have an ultrasound.  Derr, boss didn't know yet that I'm pg.  Lol, he felt terrible. 

    Susie, yay for your DH for standing up for you, and your awesome weight loss!  Cannot believe your MIL would do that. 

    Moleson, so sorry to hear about your friend's mom.  I imagine it's always hard to lose a parent, but to lose one so young is just tragic. 

    Angie, yay!  Law school's over!  Try to enjoy some time off before buckling down to study for the bar exam. 

  • image SusieQ1981:

    Bonus:  I've lost 31 lbs since delivery, putting me 16 lbs under pre-prego weight.  Thinking I ought to jump in on the the WWL checkin to keep me on track.

    Holy crap!!!!  That's awesome!!! 

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  • Angie - HURRAH!

    SusieQ - kudos for not murdering after all of those people showed up at your house right after you got home with your brand new baby. And kudos to DH for telling his mama to sit it on down. OY.

    City - Start that job search! You will feel so much better daily when you are in a place that's a better fit for you.

    Jessie - Congrats to Miss E!!!

    Tbears - Let me know how the herbal anxiety drops work. My Geege is terrified something turrible of storms.

    Leo - 6 miles on your day off not too shabby! I will never run six miles in my life.

    Moleson - sorry about your friend's mom.

    Anyone I missed haaaaay lady. Sorry I missed you. I am skimming since I have some crap to get done before 5.

    I skipped zumba today. I suck.

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