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rush hour question

i never ever drive during rush hour..or if i do, it's in the reverse direction of the heavy flow.....

i need to get to south seattle (exit 161) by 7:45am tomorrow. what time should i leave home (north lynnwood, near alderwood)?

google has 2 suggestions that i would take

i-5  -  29 mins, or up to 1:10 in traffic
hwy99  - 35 mins, or up to 50 mins in traffic

what do you guys suggest?


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Re: rush hour question

  • My personal opinion would be take I-5.  Then leave about an hour early. I-5 is so hit and miss with heavy traffic, sometimes it is at a complete stop, and other times there is traffic, but it is MOVING. So that is the one I would go with. 99 is just a b**tch and has a ton of lights. Hate that.
  • You can get archived traffic maps from WSDOT:

    It looks like by about 7:20 I-5 is a bit more cluttered than 99.

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  • When i drive Tac-->B'ham during that time there is not traffic northbound at all, but there is slowing southbound into Seattle.  If there's no accidents, etc., i wouldn't imagine it would add more than ~10min to your commute, but i haven't driven it, so i don't know.  In your shoes i would leave early, then play sodoku on my phone and sip a tasty warm beverage at a coffee shop nearby the location of meeting/event/etc.
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