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Custody question


Re: Custody question

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    Given the incomes of our two famililes it seems that joint physical custody and zero child support would make the most sense.  .

    Whaaaat? You think this guy isn't responsible for helping to pay for the support of his children?

    Tongue Tied

    No that isn't what I think.  What I think is that she should pay half and he should pay half.  I think that he should have his kids half of the time and she should have them the other half.  That is what I think.

    It's usually best for a child to have a single home.

    Why don't the birth parents buy a house in which the children could establish a home base and the parent who has joint physical custody could move in with them for the duration of the visitation rather than disrupt the kids' routines?

    I mean, they're the innocent parties in all this. They didn't make a bay with someone with whom they couldn't get along. I have friends who actually did this for a time. It worked well in both cases.

    these kids are 14 and 16, would you really want to sign on to a 30 year financial commitment with someone you divorced at this point?

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