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Thoughts and Prayers

Can I have some thoughts, prayers and good vibes for my little sister?  My mom just told me she hasn't been going to classes lately and dropped out of college. 

A few months ago she got a DUI and now has to take a class, complete community service, the whole bit.  The judge came down really hard on her.  She has been feeling stressed and anxious about completing those requirements on top of school and feeling guilty that my parents have been paying for her apartment and pretty much everything else for her so she doesn't have to work.  They have told her it's ok that she doesn't have a job right now but everything on her plate has made her completely shut down.  It was finally just too much for her to handle.  She may need to move back home because my parents won't let her just bum around in her apartment doing nothing while they pay for it, but she really doesn't want to go back.  She's going through a really rough time right now and I'm worried about her.  I hope she does her community service like she's supposed to, then at least finds a part time job and a room mate so she can stay where she is....moving home really won't be the best thing for her and I'm hoping she doesn't get herself into a situation where she has no other choice.

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Re: Thoughts and Prayers

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