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Just want to gag people today....

So at my place of work we have very strict rules about talking about certain things in the office...for example...politics and abortion....yet today two people in general have been going on and on AND ON about abortion and wondering how they can live with themselves BLAH BLAH BLAH....shut the F up!  Seriously????  People who have worked here for over 20 years stress how important it is to be professional all the time yet they engage VERY OPENLY AND LOUDLY about topics that are off limits in the workplace.  Ridiculous... 

I'm all about having your own opinion and everything but there's a time and place for it...and the office around students and other coworkers is not that time or place...*KARATE CHOPPING MY DESK* Angry

PS:  The boss is out sick today...

Sorry just had to vent...

Re: Just want to gag people today....

  • I totally agree with you Kristina!  I have worked for several non profits in my day and this is the first one I've worked at that even allowed you to discuss politics at the office.  It drives me insane! 

    My current employer does quite a bit of state government work so of all the places I've been, this one should be THE MOST concerned with being politically neutral but it is a constant source of discussion.  I hate talking about politics mostly because I tend to find myself on the opposite side of the line from my coworkers and they take a serious "holier than thou" attitude about it. 

  • Well this person has a serious "holier than thou" attitude and it drives me INSANE....  When she was talking she said the word murderer very loudly and it took everything in my body not to turn around and tell her to shut up....  She also knows that I worked at Planned Parenthood for 3 years so I can't help but feel that some of her comments were directed at me.

    Again, I'm all about having your own opinion and expressing it....and I don't mean to offend anyone on this board by bringing up this topic....It just really pissed me off that any of these topics were being talked about in the first place.  When you work on a college campus and there are tons of students around and you are representing that school...zip it.


  • I don't even talk about these topics with my family or friends so co-workers would be completely inappropriate.
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  • Get out your employee handbook or pull up your online version, find the location of the rules, email your co-workers about how they're violating policy with your proof, CC your boss.  That should shut them up.  If it doesn't, you'll at least have evidence that you tried to get them to stop.
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  • We can file "behavioral incident reports"....oh that would just be the cherry on top...and then her chasing me with fire into the night...
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