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Do you know your husband's email password?


Re: Do you know your husband's email password?

  • Absolutely.  And there's no sinister "reason" behind it.
  • Yes. I don't read his email, though. He doesn't know mine.
  • No, and he doesn't know mine.  The same with Twitter and Facebook, although we are "friends". 

    We do know each other's financial accounts though.

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  • No. But I know where he keeps all his passwords in case I need to access something. I'm going to put a list of my own passwords in a folder entitled "in case I die."


    Edit: That's not as bad as it sounds. What I mean is that I was home alone once and needed the router password, so he told me to pull up the password doc on his mac. If it was an emergency and I needed an account password, I would be able to find it. I wouldn't use it just to read his email/FB.

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  • yeah, i know his.  he usually used the same password for most log-ins.  i'm not sure if he knows mine, but i would have no problem giving it to him.
  • I know all of his, he doesn't know mine.  He's never asked.  I don't use his unless there's a reason...maybe twice, ever.
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  • Yep, I know all his passwords.  I've been in and out of his e-mail  this month because I was changing our cell plan/phones and the account is in his name. I tell him if I've been logging in to his account.
  • We have a shared license for this software

    So yes, we both know all of each other's passwords, to everything.

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  • I could probably guess it, but I have never tried. He leaves it logged in on all the computers and my iPod touch, so I don't need to know it to read his email. I don't normally read it, but sometimes I like to, for example, get tracking info on joint online purchases.
  • Yes, I do. And FB and PIN and everything else as well.
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  • Nope, never needed it. Same for him.
  • We share the same email address.
  • Yes. He asks me to check stuff all the time. I also know his bank account login, Facebook, etc. He doesn't know mine but I've told him, he just doesn't remember them. I'd tell him again if he asked.
  • No. He's gave it to me before to open something or whatever, but I just don't remember it.

    I'm sure he knows mine though.

  • yes, I can log into all his online accounts, and he mine. We both only use 3-4 different possible passwords so even if he hasn't expressly told me what his login is, I can guess it relatively easily.
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  • yes, its one of his standard passwords.  I also know his FB password.  I don't think he knows mine though, he could probably figure it out if he tried, its one of my standard passwords.
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  • I have his saved from the last time he gave it to me, but I don't know it offhand. I don't think I ever gave him mine, but he knows I use the same few passwords so he would probably be able to figure it out.
  • Yep, we use the same passwords for everything, but we also have our laptops remember all passwords (email, facebook, twitter) and we have our pages up on our laptops all the time. 
  • I know his, and I've told him mine a few times when I've had him log in to a few of my websites before, but I don't know if he remembers them. I probably log on to his accounts more than he does (banking/retirement definitely). I don't check his email though, and if I do and he sees me he's all like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" though he's not mad, just surprised. And def don't check his facebook, even though I could =P
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  • Of course I do.  I don't know why he would ever not want me to know - he knows mine too.  Both of us use the same password for everything, and if we change it we let the other one know.

    Marriage = sharing imo.  If we're going to live separately then we might as well be just dating. 

  • No. There has never been a reason for us to share them.
  • I do because I'm the one who set up his email account, fb account, etc. He doesn't have mine though.
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  • Yes considering he hijacked my e-mail.  I never use it anymore, but he's never changed my password. He also has a default password he uses for everything else. 
  • We do have each other's passwords. Sometimes we ask each other to be a secretary and compose emails on the other spouse's behalf.
  • We do not know each others passwords.


  • I share mine, and he shares his.

    However that being said, I don't go and check his emails or anything, etc.  Just online banking.


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  • No, like others I have no reason to.
  • Our email accounts both pull to the same place so there is no need for passwords.  But if we did have separate accounts I don't see why I'd need his password.
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