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How much to tip movers?

I'm having a piano delivered tomorrow (very MM, free piano).  They're picking it up at someone's house, driving it 20 miles or so, and delivering it to my home.  The mover asked for $235 in cash.  I got other estimates from movers who wanted $400-$500.

How much should I tip?

Re: How much to tip movers?

  • I'd tip $25 or so (but I'm real frugal) fabulous a free piano..

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  • Maybe $10-$20 a person? Not sure if you should be on the higher end since you are HCOL and I am LCOL ( I Paid my movers each ~$20 and that was for 2 hours of them moving my furniture).
  • Yea, I was thinking of giving them an even $300, assuming they do a good job. 
  • I wouldn't tip.
  • If they asked for cash, I might (perhaps wrongfully) assume they were doing it off the books and pocketing the entire $235 and maybe only give a small tip. 
  • image Simpsongal1:
    Yea, I was thinking of giving them an even $300, assuming they do a good job. 

    Ditto, or I would suggest at least $50. 

  • I tend to assume the agreed upon price is the price, and I probably wouldn't tip.  Unless they really go above and beyond, in which case I might tip between $20-$30.  
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