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Go to the Bump Special Needs board, and page Auntie. She is a wonderful source of information regarding Autism/Aspberger's/ADD/ADHD kids.

Is there a school or district psychologist that you can meet with and discuss dx? I mean, one that goes beyond ADD. I think the trail goes school psychologist, pediatrician and then child psychologist, but I'm not sure. 

Does he have an IEP to help him at school? 

ALWAYS thinking of you guys!

Re: Megan0071234

  • I will go there today. Thank you. The child psychologist is who wants to give him a mood stabilizer. In theory, it sounds potentially really great. The potential for horrible side effects is really great, as well as the stigma of taking a medication of that level. It just really seems like a lot of meds for such a small guy.

    We have a nutritionist appt in 2 weeks and will be doing an elimination diet to see if he is sensitive to dyes, gluten or preservatives. I am praying that we find something, simply because that would be so easy to fix. However, I don't have my hopes up for a miracle.

    Things have been rough for him lately. He will be enrolling into a social skills class as soon as I have enough $$ saved- its super expensive & not covered by insurance, so I hope that will help him with his peer interactions.

    He does not currently have an IEP because he is still managing to perform above grade level, even while not paying attention. We will work on getting one in place when he transfers to middle scholl after next year. I do think I am going to get him registered so he can have extra testing time though, since that seems to be his problem area.

    Sorry. That got long. Thanks for the advice & for checking in.

  • My sister is not answering her phone ... I don't like that he doesn't have an IEP in place. It's not his grades that are suffering, right? It's his behavior. I don't know much about IEPs, but I know Bryce had one last year that ensured regular visits with the school psychologist to go over behavioral issues, not grades.

    Definitely do check with "Auntie." 

    Is any kind of therapy covered by your insurance? 

    Mood stabalizers are a bipolar thing. I totally understand your hesitance to go there based on the school's recommendation. I'd definitely want a second or third MD opinion in there. 

    And you do hear about miracles worked based on additives, colorings, preservatives, etc., in food. So you never know, I guess. 

    Without knowing what his deal is (Aspergers? ADD? Bipolar?) I don't want to go into the routine thing that worked for Bryce. 

  • It is a Kaiser child psychologist, the school doesn't have one on the staff. The psychiatrist told me at our last appt that she is 100% certain of her diagnosis of ADHD, esp after the teacher wrote a letter detailing his issues in the classroom.

    Our main issues are impulsivity, forgetfulness & extreme moods. He doesn't seem to have a middle of the road setting. He is either extremely happy or is having a temper tantrum in the classroom. His teacher actually has found a book that goes over teaching kids about big emotions and small emotions and when each is appropriate, so we are meeting with her next week to talk about trying the system it recommends.

    We have Kaiser insurance, so if something is not offered by Kaiser, we have to pay out of pocket. So far, everything but the social skills class has been covered, but Kaiser doesn't have one.

    I think I am going to also contact the child psychiatry dept & see if I can get in with a 2nd psychiatrist to see what they say. He is medicated for his ADHD, but we really are seeing minimal results.

  • I think that you need to keep in mind that you are doing the right thing here. You're following all the correct roads and need to be a little easier on yourself.

    I'm guessing that having him live with his dad didn't work?

    He's a great kid, and once your team gets this figured out, you will be able to relax. 

    What about you? Is there someone that you can talk to in the meantime? This is pretty stressful stuff. Take care of you, too. Or I'll call K and give him h*ll for not doing his job! :)

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