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A message.....

So yesterday my mom was going to sponsor her god son for his confirmation when something really strange happened.

She recently cancelled the Sirius radio in my dad's car (she's keeping the car since the lease isn't up yet but doesn't need all the channels or the extra expense).  When she got in the car on her way to church the Sirius radio came on and it was playing "Sweet Lorraine."  She believes it was a message from my dad that he's watching out for her because Laraine is her first name.  When she got back in the car after church the Sirius was cancelled and gone.


Re: A message.....

  • After we lost my grandfather, my cousin who was staying with my grandmother (her health was bad at the time) stated that she saw my grandfather walk down the hallway towards the room my grandmother was in to just check on her. Of course I was only 8 around the time of his death, but when there were nights that I couldn't sleep or was having nightmares, I would feel like his hand was on my back to just calm me (I would look around the room and no one would be there...plus my parents would claim that they were never in my room during the night).
    Because of these times, I do believe that our loved ones do come and check on us before they fully cross over.

    I hope that it did not scare your mom and that it gave her a sense of comfort.
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  • Oh wow!  I would have been sobbing!  It definitely sounds like your Dad is watching over her, and all of you!
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  • Wow! I do believe we get some kind of message from our past relatives.

    My father past on May of 2006, Several months later I was in a serious car crash. My car played pin pon on I 95. I was rushed to hospital. While my family was waiting in the ER room, my youngest nephew ( 3 years old) said, "Grandpa is here. He is standing by the ambuliance. I see him". This freaked out my family and they started praying.

    ***Carli & Vero***
  • I don't think it scared my mom; in fact I think it brought some comfort.  She cried when she told us about it last night, but I truly believe that it was his way of saying he loves her and he's ok.

    Mike always asks me how I can sit in dad's recliner when we go over ther for dinner (he refuses to sit in the recliner or his spot at the dinner table because he says they were his throne, and he refuses to sit on dad's throne).  I told him I don't want to sit anywhere else because i feel closer to him sitting in his chair.

  • What a nice moment for your mom, I'm glad that she got to have that little message from him.

    Tons of hugs!! 

  • WOW!! I have chills!  I definitely believe that those you love send you messages if you pay attention.  My grandmother has sent me MANY.  When that happens, say a prayer for them because they are thinking of you.
  • WOW - that's def chilling but also heart warming!  I'm glad your grandmother found comfort in this!  I'm a firm believer in the forces at work behind the scenes!

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  • That is so awesome. I believe that sometimes these "coincidences" aren't really coincidences at all. What a wonderful thing to happen to your mother. I know it must have brought her great comfort & peace.
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  • that's amazing, so glad your mom was able to find comfort :)



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  • Aweeeeee, how neat!
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  • image ncsu4ganne:
    That is so awesome. I believe that sometimes these "coincidences" aren't really coincidences at all. What a wonderful thing to happen to your mother. I know it must have brought her great comfort & peace.

    Exactly! Although I might have been a little chicken - I'd love to think of our loved ones keeping watch over us in some way :-)

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  • I think he visited me this afternoon.  =)  I was downstairs watching the front desk while the assistant was at lunch and reading a book when the main character started talking to her dad in the story.  Just then, Jimmy Buffett came on the radio.  It wasn't our song (Margaritaville) but nonetheless JB was my dad's favorite.  I said hi to him and told him I love & miss him.
  • I totally believe that those that have gone before watch out for us and send messages from time to time.  That is such a heartwarming story; I too hope your mom wasn't too freaked out by it.  And the Jimmy Buffett on the radio... sweet!

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  • Cindy!

    How neat is this story?!  Also, how neat is your story from today?!  WOW! 

    It's amazing how love carries on and on. 



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