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how to clean my walls.

The bottom of my walls are littered with tiny hand prints.  I tried yesterday using warm water a little soap and a sponge.  It worked a little, but they're still messy. Can you recommend a product that will clean them up?

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Re: how to clean my walls.

  • You probably need more than just a "little" soap. Hand prints can be greasy, so I would recommend something like a liquid all purpose cleaner in hot water. There are plenty of cleaners on the market to choose from.You can try a Magic Eraser, but it will remove paint from your walls if you scrub too hard.

    Or, you can spray it with something like 409, or Fantastic, and spot clean it with a wet rag. 

  • Try the magic eraser, it works wonders.
  • I skip the Magic Eraser at my house. I've noticed too many spots where the paint looks different due to it!

    I use 2 capfuls of spic and span in a large bucket of hot water with a sponge! It's my first spring cleaning ritual! Works fabulously!

    Good luck!

  • The Magic Eraser works wonders for me. GL!
  • Has anyone ever used a bucket with cleaner/water and a mop on the walls?

    or does a rag and elbow grease work better?

  • Almost any cleaners will eat the paint off the wall.  I have wiped down my walls (when just cleaning up) w/a bucket of hot water mixed w/vinegar.  Wipe down w/a sponge.  If that doesn't work, try TSP (found at HD and Lowes).
  • -goo be gone

    -water & a touch of dawn

  • image Crash Into Me:
    Warm water with a few drops of dish detergent and a rag.

    I should've soap, I meant dish soap.  It didn't really work all that well, but maybe i need dawn or something that cuts the grease?

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  • Definitely the magic eraser! It gets rid of EVERYTHING! :)


  • Scrubbing bubbles has a sponge thing out right now that's got little micro-fiber spots that feel like velcro hooks on one side, and a smooth microfiber sponge on the other side, I love this for cleaning walls, specially with a little murphy's oil soap solution, but we painted with eggshell finish paint, use extreme care in cleaning if you painted with flat finish!
  • I'm going to try Mrs. Meyers mixed with water this weekend when we wipe our walls down.
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  • Straight vinegar on a white cloth. It will take off anything, even crayon!!
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