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Yet another Ipad question

I admit that I'm not the most tech savvy, but I'm thinking about getting an Ipad 2 for fun with my unspent Christmas and Birthday money.  I currently have an 8GB Ipod and a laptop (not apple).  I have plenty of free space on my laptop.  I have more songs in my Itunes library on my laptop than will fit on my Ipod. 

I'm thinking it might be nice to watch tv or movies on my Ipad on vacation or such, plus have some tunes on there too.  I don't currently have any tv shows or movies in my Itunes folder, but I imagine they take up more space than songs.  Am I correct in thinking I could store all my tv shows and movies on my laptop, and then just move a few to my Ipad before vacation, then when I return, put them back on my computer and put different shows on the Ipad before the next trip?  I can do this, right?   I'm trying to decide how much storage I need on the Ipad and thinking about getting the 32GB.

Also, I hope if I already have songs from my cds or purchased on Itunes on my computer and my Ipod, I could also put them on my Ipad (some of them anyway).  I assume there is a max number of devices I can put purchased songs on? 


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Re: Yet another Ipad question

  • There's a nice chart on this page showing ballpark file size of various media.  If you want to keep all of your music on it and several movies and TV shows, I would probably get the 32GB.  That way you can load it up but not fill it up completely in case you want to download another app or show while you're on the road (and can't delete something to make room for it).

    And I *think* you can put iTunes downloads on up to 6 devices, but I'm not positive. You should find out for sure from a reliable source (i.e. Apple).

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