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I'm so glad!  Can you tell??

What do you all have planned this weekend? 

We are chilling out tonight, probably going to the gym.  Tomorrow night we are meeting up with DH's cousin and his wife for dinner.  Sunday, I'm going to go to Mass (my Lenten "offering") and clean the house and relax!  We should probably do some yardwork...but I hate doing that stuff.  Not my thing.  I'd rather be in the kitchen :)



  • I had grand plans to do nothing this weekend, but alas another busy weekend has fallen upon me. It's all fun though, so I can't complain.

    Tonight we are going to a hockey game w/ our neighbors who got a box woo hooo! Tomorrow is doggy school and getting a bunch of stuff done around the house, then probably dinner at this new restaurant on the ocean I've been wanting to go to. Sunday we're going out on the boat w/ friends. I'm tired just thinking about it

  • You aren't the only one glad it's Friday!!!!

    We actually have a somewhat exciting weekend.  Tonight just a few errands and dinner probably at Cracker Barrell.  Tomorrow is usual weekend chores...grocceries & laundry.  Then tomorrow night we are going to see STOMP! and I am so excited.  I think we are going to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Sunday we will go to church (the one we were married in yay!! Big Smile) and then go see our parents.


  • I am sooooo happy for Friday!!! Mostly b/c it means I can SLEEP! I actually broke down crying yesterday b/c the dog started barking; that's how exhausted I am :(

    DH is going away for the weekend and is leaving this afternoon, so I'm all alone! I'm leaving work at 12:30 today and going to get my nails done. Then I may try and take a nap. This evening I am meeting Kristi (keithandkristi) at B&N for coffee and to catch up! Tomorrow I am going to dinner with my parents, aunt & uncle. And Sunday I have nothing planned. I'll probably stay in my PJ's all day, get some cleaning done and anxiously await DH to get home :) I miss him already.

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  • Yay Friday!  My DH has been gone all week and I can't wait for him to come back tonight!  Tonight I'm watching BBall with my crazy Kentucky fan!  OSU is going down!!!  Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to, please cross your fingers that there is no rain because this couple didn't schedule an indoor venue in case of rain and it's been raining cats and dogs this week in CA!
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  • TGIF!!!

    As Lindsay (stellelinds25) said we're getting together tonight for coffee and catch up!  Can't wait! 

    Tomorrow I am going to STUDY my butt off for my exam next weekend.  UGH!  I am totally stressing about that.  Then later that evening I think we're either getting sushi with the inlaws or staying in with pizza...depending on how MIL feels (she has an infection in her leg Confused  Then Sunday...NOTHING...probably more studying and house work.  Is it Anniversary time yet? I am so excited...I can't contain myself!  :-)

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  • Woohoo!  :)

    Tonight I'll hit the gym after work, pick up Subway for dinner then go tanning and we're going to stay in.  I have a ton of laundry to do, and I got a jumpstart on chores by cleaning the bathroom this morning and grocery shopping at lunch so I can get some down time tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I'm getting a manicure in the afternoon, then after church Mike and I are going to have dinner at a new Italian place (courtesy of a Groupon purchase) and go see Red Riding Hood.

    Sunday I need to go thru my summer clothes to figure otu what to take to Florida.  Too bad it still feels like January here but at least it's sunny and dry.  And I have to say it's very refreshing out there after sitting at my desk - it's like a hundred zillion degrees in here!

  • I'm so excited for this weekend! Today is my day off and I am puppy proofing the house! We are (hopefully) adopting a puppy this weekend, she will be our 2nd. DH stopped on his way home from work to see the puppy (I haven't seen her in person yet) and to fill out the paperwork. We are just waiting to hear back from them (they had to contact our vet to make sure we are keeping everything up to date on our current dog and of course they were already closed, otherwise we probably would have gotten to take her home right away).

    Saturday morning I have to work (I so hate working on the weekend). But as soon as 11:00a comes around, I am outta there. I am not staying late (like I did yesterday) because I want to go pick up my puppy! We will have to shop for some news toys and puppy food.

    Sunday we have no plans. I would have liked to work in my flowerbeds and on the hill in our backyard that is now starting to wash out (one section has dropped a foot so far and more rain isn't going to help) but it is supposed to be cold and rainy. Then Sunday night I have a meeting at work.


    Haley & Heidi
  • SOOOOO glad its friday. I've had a scratchy throat all week and a bit of a man voice.

    Tomorrow our friends are staying with us for the night because their floors are being re-done. And I'm cooking dinner for them and some friends. 

    No major plans for sunday....is it wrong to hope our friends leave EARLY?!?!!?

  • Oh, yeah!!! I really needed Friday to come quickly this week :-)

     Let's see...tonight - first up, build a fire - it's freezing outside again! next up...Basketball!

    Tomorrow - Basketball! In between those exciting things, I'll likely do a bit of light housework and (despite the suddenly freezing temps!) continue to put away my winter clothes and pull out the warm weather stuff.

    Hopefully, a cozy but productive weekend at home :-))

    Happy Friday, Ladies!

    April 24, 2010
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  • I have no real plans for this weekend and I am soooo excited.


    Dh has his first event of the year at the stadium, so i will be hanging out at home and maybe doing a little spring cleaning.


    Sometimes its nice to just have a calm relaxing no plans weekend!

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  • We are headed home to my parents for the weekend.  We leave as soon as DH gets home from work.  We are looking at cats again tomorrow and then have a radio trivia contest tomorrow night.  Sunday will be church, veggin' and coming home.
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