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Flame free...question for Half finishers??


Re: Flame free...question for Half finishers??

  • I'd say that all of my times have been "respectable" but nothing to get excited over. My 1st was 2:30 and I've managed to get down to 2:05 since then. I think anyone who finishes one should be matter what their time. When I was training for my 2nd one, a friend from High School wanted to run it too. She trained and finished in a little over 3 hours. I was sooo proud of her because she went from running a few miles a few times a week to finishing 13.1 in a couple of months. She was proud too! I ran a full in Nov. and it took me right at 5 hours. That's pretty slow...but I didn't care, it was freaking awesome! It should be about the experience, especially if this is your first. Just have fun and enjoy!!

  • Unless it's a small half marathon, you won't finish in the back at an 11 min./mile pace. I ran my last half at a 10:45 pace and finished ~6000 out of 9000.
  • I'm usually exhausted once I finish and head for food and water! But I always head back to the finish line and cheer for those who are still finishing once I've got some calories in my tummy. I've been back of the pack and somewhat closer to the front depending on the race, and I commend everyone who makes the effort to get out there and run. I also agree with some of the previous PPs who say it takes a lot of guts and stamina to be out on the course so long.

    I will admit that I sometimes compare myself to others and think my own times should be faster. I sometimes am overly critical of my own times, but I honestly have respect for all the other racers no matter their finish times.

    With that said, I definitely think you should train for the 1/2 if you want to do it!!

    2012 Races:<BR>
    Frozen 5K 2.4.12 - 23:10 (7:28 pace) PR <BR>
    Earth Day 1/2 Marathon 4.21.12 - 1:54:38 (8:45 pace) PR<BR>
    More to come...<BR>

    <BR>Follow my blog @</BR>

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    <P>Dairy Farm. Run. Smile.</P>

    I'm part of <a href="">TEAM REFUEL with Chocolate Milk! </a>
  • I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who judges/makes fun of those who are slower - at least they are out there participating.  Slow is subjective anyways - what I perceive to be fast can be turtle-slow for someone.

    Also - I agree with pp that you don't know people's situations.  We run the OBX half every year & my husband always smokes my time.  His goal was to be 1:30 or sub-1:30 this past year.  But....he overtrained & had horrible tendonitis in his hip.  His physical therapist told him he could participate in the half, but he had to walk it.  So he did.  And smoked it walking.  Who walks a half in 2:56? Smile

  • I haven't read through all the responses but all I can think is "wow" when I see someone complete 13.1 miles- regardless of if they ran the whole thing or walked it, it's still a huge accomplishment!
  • Bottom line, it is an accomplishment to finish, no matter what your time is.  Just getting out there and running the race is a great achievement.  Also, you never know if this is someone's first race or 50th race. 
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