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1/2 marathon training advice please...

Hi. I never thought these words would be coming out of my mouth, but..

I am going to do a half marathon.

That being said, I am currently up to 7+ miles (not every time I run, but I am comfortable going that distance). I feel like I am ready to push further (as long as I am outside, though- my mental block is in full force on my treadmill runs but that is another issue)

So, taking my time, and gradually increasing my distance, what would you say a good time span would be before I might be ready for a 1/2? 8 weeks? 12? I have several 1/2's to choose from in my area, so timing is not an issue.

Thank you!

Re: 1/2 marathon training advice please...

  • :whispers:

    Good lucky, lady! 

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  • check out for training plans.

    I would definitely give yourself 12 weeks to get ready. 

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    Good lucky, lady! 

    Why thank you my love!

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    Good lucky, lady! 

    Why thank you my love!

    You're a hottie.  Okay, back to lurkerdom. 

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  • I'm signing up for one in July.  :)   (and going to try for a 10K at the end of april)

    I'm still debating between the 10K and 1/2, but friends are pushing for me to do the 1/2....  

    Snow needs to melt, ice needs to disappear so I can get outside too.  1) broken treadmill that should be fixed in the next week or so, 2) can't stand running longer than 2-3 miles on the treadmill.

    Good luck!!

    I haven't figured out "how" I'm going to train (following a program, etc...but for now I need to keep working at increasing my distance) 

  • No idea, but just wanted to say good luck! You are my running inspiration!
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  • Pick a plan and give yourself extra time. I used Hal Higdon's plan for my first half. I built in a few extra weeks, and I'm glad I did because I had to use my extra weeks for illness and shin splints. You may be able to skip a few weeks on the plan, though. It depends on your mileage base. How many miles a week are you running right now? Your long run doesn't matter as much as your total weekly mileage since you don't want to increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% each week. Following that rule will keep you from overtraining and injury.
  • If you are already up to 7+ miles, I don't think you need a 12 week training program. I'd google Hal Higdon's half marathon plans, and start right where he has 7 miles for a long run. You'd probably only have about 6w left in the plan. I'm not sure what your weekly mileage is, but try not to increase that more than 10% a week too.

    You are more ready for a half than you think. When I was training for a halves, I only worked up to 10 miles, so you are practicaly there. Just sign up for one that sounds fun, and go for it! Good luck. 

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  • total training time for a 1/2??

    you're running 7 miles right now.... a solid  8 to 10 weeks will cover it.

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