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Realtor question...if you bought & sold at the same time...

A few weeks ago I randomly contacted a realtor with cbshome and we have been emailing ever since...When we met with her yesterday, I really, really liked her ...she made time on her Sunday to show us some houses, so that was pretty good in my book.... BUT when I emailed my realtor in Wahoo about selling our house last week, she told me that she works in the Omaha office 2 days a week (which I didn't know), and that she can help us find a home in Omaha too. I imagine it would be nice to just work with one realtor for buying and selling so it's all taken care of by one person, BUT I really like the cbs realtor we met with and I feel like she's very knowledgeable about the area we are looking to buy in....SO now I don't know what to do. Obviously I'm not going to have them both help us purchase a home, so I feel like I need to choose one now. Is it pretty common/more convenient to work with the same realtor you are selling with, to help you purchase a home? Or does it not really matter? Will it matter more that the one realtor doesn't do very much business in Omaha compared to the other? I'm worried that since she is only in town 2 days a week that if we needed to see a house ASAP that she might not be able to make it happen, know what I mean? We haven't been in the buying and selling at the same time situation before, as when we bought our house we moved here from FL, so I don't know much about the whole buying/selling process and how it fits together...but from what I gather so far, it is probably going to be a nightmare!

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Re: Realtor question...if you bought & sold at the same time...

  • I would ask your realtor in Wahoo if she would discount her commission if you used her as your buyers' agent as well.  As I understand it, typically the seller pays the realtor fees, so it would benefit your current realtor doubly if you purchased a house using her as your agent.  If she won't budge on her commission percentage, I'd use the agent you contacted and met with over the weekend if you like her and feel she's knowledgable.

    We bought and sold at the same time, but had already signed the contract on the home we were building prior to listing our house, so our sellers' agent didn't receive any commission on our home purchase.

  • Your current realtor probably is most interested in the dual commission.  One advantage to the Omaha realtor is that they would know more about school locations, daycares, other neighborhood perks.  I would try to use a Omaha realtor first.
  • Tough call.... I'd say for smoothness reasons, it would be ideal to have just one realtor for the whole thing. There's a lot of coordination that goes on in the end and the less chance for miscommunication, the better. Especially if the selling and buying are happening at the same time. Although, if you have a really awesome financial person helping you... they could be the tie that binds the two as well.

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