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If you're bored: Help me figure out how I can find pants that fit

I have had three children people.  I have what I like to call "ma belleh" which is the pooch in the tummy that is the telltale sign that I am a mother of three. 

I'm losing weight on WW (again) but I have no illusions that ma belleh will disappear any time soon.

So how do I find work pants/slacks and/or jeans that are generous in the waist band, but fit my not-skinny-but-not-fat-either legs?

I'd say the main problem I'm having is that pants that are big enough to go over ma belleh are then much too big in the thighs - and then the part of the pants in the back that go from the bottom of the rump, down towards my knee, is really loose.  I'm not sure if I'm describing this well enough, but the lower butt area down to the lower leg always has a ton of material that make me look bigger than I am.  At best I look like I'm wearing pants that are too big, and at worst I have a saggy looking behind.

I need pants generous in the waist but that are cut closer to my butt so I look like I have an actual shape.

Or should I buy pants that fit in the waist then pay to have them tailored - except - how would a tailor fix that?

Any suggestions?

Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.

Re: If you're bored: Help me figure out how I can find pants that fit

  • Have you tried the different fits at Ann Taylor or Gap.  I think each store has three different fits for pants - one of them might work.  I find work pants seem to be cut very generously through the leg - I have quasi chicken legs so it is something I always struggle with.  A tailor will be able to correct the problem, but I might want that done on pants in my new normal size and not the transitional ones that you are probably going through right now. 

    Have you also tried looking at pants at Express, Limited and other stores that cater to twenty-somethings.  In my experinece clothes there are cut narrower.

    My last suggestion is to take advantage of the free personal shoppers at Macy's or other department stores.  There is no obligation and they should be able to match you to a label/designer that would fit your shape best. 

  • I think the suggestion of going to stores that have multiple fits- like Ann Taylor, Loft, even Talbots- is probably your best bet. I have never ever been able to wear the one style fits all kind of pants because they always seem to have a lot of excess material in weird places. Also, the stores with the multiple kind if fits seem to give good advice about which style to choose.

    I would probably focus on getting the waist area to fit and then going to a tailor, if necessary, for the leg width/length.

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  • image victoria1212:

    I would probably focus on getting the waist area to fit and then going to a tailor, if necessary, for the leg width/length.

    This. It's worth it to me to pay a little extra to work what I've still got. Wink

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  • ah, the under belly.  I struggle with this too.  I think today's low-slung-pants style have kind of been a blessing for those of us with the low pooch, no?  Just think back to the pants you wore in college, or even the pants you wore maybe 7 yrs ago (ok, I was in college almost 20 yrs ago).  All my jeans and slacks went all the way up to my waist - I'm talking high.  The jeans I wore in college would be considered the dreaded mom jean today.  That meant they had to properly fit my belly, cause there was no way excess fat could come out the top.  If I gained a few pounds, there was no squeezing into those suckers. 

    Fast forward to today's styles - they all sit really low, and I find this to be blessedly forgiving.   Bloated?  Put on 5 lbs?  That's ok - the pants don't fully cover your belly anyways!  The down side to this is the muffin top.  But I compensate at work by wearing longer tops or jackets, so no danger of muffin top making an appearance in the office (though it's on full display at home).

    So don't shy away from those pants you might think are designed for the twigs or non-moms.  Good luck!

  • For affordable transition pants I liked Target and Dress Barn (yes, Dress Barn).

     Target has a new (or at least newly labeled) 6 fit system.  Sure I had to try on multiple cuts but was able to find a fit that worked for my post-pregnancy body for about $20-$25.  They had jeans and dress pants in each of the 6 cuts and petite/reg/tall options too.

    Dress Barn isn't my normal pants purchasing location but I found that they have dress pants with a built in spanx type material for a pretty decent price that I felt ok paying for transition pants.  It sounds bizarre and slightly uncomfortable but they were surprisingly comfy.  Basically the pants have a good support system in the tummy area.  I bought pants that were about 2 sizes up from my normal size and they fit great.  Now that I am back to my normal size they still fit pretty nicely.  

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  • I've only been pregnant once, but since it was twins, I have the same belly issues. Most of my post-pregnancy work pants are from Lands End. I even have a few in the "comfort fit" which does have a tiny elastic in the waist, but it's good when you're between sizes. You can order online and make returns at Sears. They often have sales running and you can get some good deals. I've also had luck with the Marissa fit at Ann Taylor Loft.
  • Oh, have you tried the skinny pants/jeans yet? I was a total skeptic until a few months ago until a nice helpful salesperson at Gap had me try the jeans and pants. I bought both :-)
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