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Blake started a new daycare/preschool last Monday and it has been going great- he has cried a few minutes on a couple mornings but the teachers say he stops right away and is adjusting very well.   He hasn't asked at all about his old daycare but asks all the time about his best little friend Ryan from the old daycare.  According to Blake, Ryan was his "best" friend!  They were so clsoe that his teachers gave me Ryan's mom's phone number and email inc ase I wanted to touch base with her about having a playdate, etc (even though I don't really know who she us!). 

Blake hasn't brought up Ryan for the past 3-4 days but this morning on the way to school he started crying b/c he wanted Ryan to be at his new school.  I don't know what to I contact Ryan's mom and see if she would want to do a playdate sometime?  My only fear is that doing that will somehow prolong his separation form Ryan?  Or do I contact her and try to set something up so Blake can play with his "best friend."??    Blake was set to go to a new room at his old daycare and would have been separated from Ryan anyway until Ryan transitioned to the preschool room so I don't know if I just let this go or try to set something up for a playdate!

I also think that the fact that we had a houseful of people and relatives all weekend who all had to leave yesterday may have something to do with this...he cried when his two little cousins left yesterday too-  I have quite a sensitive 3 year old!


  • I would call the mom up and invite them over this weekend for a playdate.

    But be careful about mentioning it to B. because things can happen and it could get cancelled...its still cold and flu season!  And that's hard for a kid to understand.

    I just think if it helps him transition to see his old BFF a few times before he makes new ones, then go for it.  My oldest still sees her BFF from Pre-K, even though they are at different schools now...they get together a few times a year and its a good thing.

  • Aww, what a sweetie.  This would make me cry too if I were you!

    I would definitely call up Ryan's mom.  Just say something like,  "Hey I know this might be weird, but daycare gave me your # because they know B & R are good friends.  B has been asking about R a lot lately, I think he misses him!  Would you be intrested in getting together for a play date sometime?"

    I dont think this will prolong his issue.  I think he's just made a really good buddy and he should be able to keep him, darn it! :)

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  • I went thru the same thing w/ my dd1.   She grew up with this girl since they were babies and they were only a month apart.  It still breaks my heart thinking about it.   I would stop in and say hi once in awhile to her old teachers and friends.  K would throw a huge fit when we would leave saying she didn't want to go.   The two would hug each other and hold hands when I would visit.

    It passed after awhile and I stopped taking her in there because it was too hard.  

    Fortunately, at her new daycare there is a girl who used to go to the old daycare.   K was talking about her other friend non stop.  I didn't think anything of it and the first day the teacher said they really took to each other.  It wasn't until day 3 or so that I saw the little girl crying and K was rubbing her back.   It dawned on me that it was one of her old friends once I saw her mom.

    So the moral of this story is that 2 year olds (she was 2 at the time, now 3) have feelings and like certain people more than others.   I would totally call the mom and get a feel if she wants to hang out.  Chances are her son misses him too.

  • Thanks for all the input!  I just sent an email to his friends's mom to see if she may be interested in an upcoming playdate - guess we'll see what she thinks!
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